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Heirloom Gold and Diamond Ring Lost, Found and Returned On St. Pete Beach, Florida

Heirloom Gold and Diamond Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on St Pete Beach, Florida

Jose was down from Brooklyn, NY visiting a friend in Tampa and they went out to St. Pete Beach for some time in the sun and a swim in the gulf. While in the water they started tossing a football around and after a few minutes Jose dove to catch the ball and off came a heirloom ring that had been in the family for 25 years. He and his friend looked for a while with no luck and then along came a guy with a metal detector. He looked but could not find it either. He told Jose about the Ringfinders web site. Jose posted a notice that afternoon on the site and one of the SRARC members (Paul Hill) got the notification. As he was in Atlanta, he contacted Mike Miller and Mike put together a search team for the next morning. Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Mark Sillence, Jim and Gerri Adams, and Mike showed up at 9:00 am and went to work. Jose got held up in traffic and was not available to closely define the area until 9:30 am. At about 9:35 am Ed held his hand in the air and shouted I have it!!!!!!!! Jose couldn’t believe it but soon had the ring in his hand and was all smiles. Thanks to all on the SRARC team for what you do so well.

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Lost Wedding ring set found and returned at Ft Desoto Park, Pinellas County, Florida

Jordi and Maria recently moved from Spain to Orlando for a job opportunity and then on July 4, 2015 were married. This last weekend they decided to take a vacation weekend and explore a little bit of the Florida western Gulf Coast. On Friday, they came to the North Beach at Ft Desoto and were relaxing in the sun and Gulf waters.

In early afternoon they were tossing a ball to each other when Maria reached for the ball and felt her new wedding set come off her hand. She stood right where it had fallen off while Jordi dug in the sand around her feet to try and recover them. They couldn’t find the rings even thought they looked for the rest of the day. Jordi was wise enough to take a good look around and marked the location in his mind with visuals of the landscape around him. They went to there hotel that night very sad about the loss of Maria’s wedding rings. The next morning Jordi rented a metal detector and returned to the spot where the rings had been lost. He found a few pieces of rusty iron, but no rings and then the detector quit working. They continued to hunt for the rest of the day, but had no luck. They returned to Orlando the next day and Jordi got busy searching the internet and soon found SRARC on The Ring Finders site.

He contacted Mike and soon they had a meeting time established for Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Mike Miller, Chris Duerden, Bill Gallant, and Tom & Joanne Gajentan were able to attend the hunt and within 7 minutes we had both rings back on the hand of Maria. What a bunch of beautiful smiles were shared between the entire group.

Jordi and Maria were wish you the best of times while you are here in the United States and also wish you many happy years together.

Great work team, It is just the best when we are able to rescue something precious for such nice people.

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HS Class Ring Lost, Found and Returned from Pass A Grille beach

During a recent detecting trip Mike Miller found a class ring. He started a search to find the owner (Tracie) and was able to find her and return her ring to her.

Her story is that Tracie and her fiance (David) were at her favorite beach for the afternoon. David was wearing her High School class ring and she warned him that if he lost it he was a “dead man”. He went into the water and was pulling himself along the bottom in waist deep water where sure enough the ring came off. Tracie was not a happy beach person after that, but they looked for the ring and finally gave up.

A couple months later she got an email telling her that Mike had found her ring and would like to return it to her. Overjoyed she contacted him and they met at a local Gulfport restaurant. She said not only did Mike return her ring he saved her fiancé’s life. The picture and smiles say the rest.


Treasure Island Wedding Ring Recovered

Mike and Jody were enjoying a day at the beach so Mike put his ring in his shoe so he wouldn’t lose it. Not knowing this Jody needed to get to something and moved his shoe and viola the ring disappeared. They called SRARC who sent out team member Stan Flack seeing how he was nearby. Mike was certain of the area and so this was an easy day for Stan. Took about 15 seconds and the ring was returned much to the delight of JODY.
Thanks Stan for being there for both recoveries this past weekend!

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100 Year old Ring lost then recovered on Treasure Island

After calling Bill Jackson’s to find someone with a metal detector, Jerry Blair of Dunnellon, FL called SRARC with a desperate plea. His wife Cherife was on Clearwater Beach looking for a lost 100 + year old platinum and diamond ring that had been passed down from her grandmother to her that had been lost in the sand.

Tom Jones called Chris Durden who happened to be leaving Clearwater Beach at the time and asked him to call Cherife and help her find the ring. Moments later Chris called Tom back and informed him that she was on Sunset Beach instead. Hearing this Tom decided to meet her instead since he was only 10 minutes from her.

Tom arrived to find that she had put 3 rings in her shoe the evening before so as not to lose them in the water. When she left the beach she picked up her towel tipping over her shoes. She picked up the shoes and went to her car. Upon arriving at the car she realized that her rings had been inside her shoe and had been dropped. She went back to the beach and searched the area finding 2 of the 3 rings but could not find the one that was most dear to her heart.

Tom started hunting listening for a soft target since the ring was very small and platinum. After passing over the area Cherife had marked out he found a penny, quarter and a pull tab but no ring. He went back over the area very slowly and found the ring at the exact location where Cherife had found the other two.

Needless to say she was extremely happy and called her husband to tell him the great news.

Ring Cherife