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Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Madeira Beach, Florida

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Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Maderia Beach. Florida

Jon, down from Michigan with his extended family for a warm spring break at Maderia Beach, headed out to the beach for a little game of catch. He was close to the waters edge and lunged to catch a pass and “BOOM” his wedding ring flew off and into the water. The whole family (I think he said there were 30 of them) searched and searched but could not find it. He then got the idea to rent a mental detector. When he told the shop owner about the problem, the owner sent him to Ring Finders. He contacted SRARC and we soon scheduled a hunt for the next morning at 7:00 am. Jim and Gerri Adams, Paul Hill and Mike Miller showed up and Jon was there waiting for them on the dark and foggy beach in front of his condo. He gave us the story and defined the hunt area for us and we went to work. Ten minutes later, Paul Hill got a good hit and in a few digs up came the ring. Jon was overjoyed and we were soon introduced to a few of his family members. There were plenty of smiles to go around with Jon and family and now their vacation can continue on a good note. The SRARC group wishes them all the best.

Paul Hill, Master Hunter three years in a row did it again. Congratulations Paul and thanks Jim, Gerri and Mike for helping out.



Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Shell Island, Florida

Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Shell Island, Florida

Shah’s daughter, son-in-law and their three children came down to St Petersburg for a visit and the whole family decided to go out to Shell Island for the afternoon. A close friend with a boat joined them and they all got on board and headed for the island. As soon as they arrived the kids were in the water. Grandfather Shah joined them and was playing with them in the shallow water. In an instant he felt his wedding ring come off. He didn’t move and sifted through the sand searching for his ring. The whole family joined in the search but after about an hour they gave up hope. They tried to forget the loss and enjoy the rest of the afternoon but as soon as they returned home Shah’s daughter began an internet search to try and rent a metal detector. The Ring Finders blog for SRARC popped up and she called Mike to see if SRARC could help. Mike arranged a hunt for the next day. The team met at the boat ramp by the Don Cesar and were soon back out to where the ring was lost. The family had marked the area where the ring had been lost very well so within a few minutes Chris had a nice hit and soon the ring was in his scoop. The family was amazed that we had found it and Shah was overjoyed. The smiles on their faces made the day for Chris and Mike. Nice recovery Chris!!!!!!!



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Lost Something Important? We can HELP!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in the Tampa area  can help locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard. If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!”                                        SRARC

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Lost Wedding ring set found and returned at Ft Desoto Park, Pinellas County, Florida

Jordi and Maria recently moved from Spain to Orlando for a job opportunity and then on July 4, 2015 were married. This last weekend they decided to take a vacation weekend and explore a little bit of the Florida western Gulf Coast. On Friday, they came to the North Beach at Ft Desoto and were relaxing in the sun and Gulf waters.

In early afternoon they were tossing a ball to each other when Maria reached for the ball and felt her new wedding set come off her hand. She stood right where it had fallen off while Jordi dug in the sand around her feet to try and recover them. They couldn’t find the rings even thought they looked for the rest of the day. Jordi was wise enough to take a good look around and marked the location in his mind with visuals of the landscape around him. They went to there hotel that night very sad about the loss of Maria’s wedding rings. The next morning Jordi rented a metal detector and returned to the spot where the rings had been lost. He found a few pieces of rusty iron, but no rings and then the detector quit working. They continued to hunt for the rest of the day, but had no luck. They returned to Orlando the next day and Jordi got busy searching the internet and soon found SRARC on The Ring Finders site.

He contacted Mike and soon they had a meeting time established for Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Mike Miller, Chris Duerden, Bill Gallant, and Tom & Joanne Gajentan were able to attend the hunt and within 7 minutes we had both rings back on the hand of Maria. What a bunch of beautiful smiles were shared between the entire group.

Jordi and Maria were wish you the best of times while you are here in the United States and also wish you many happy years together.

Great work team, It is just the best when we are able to rescue something precious for such nice people.

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Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks to SRARC… Logan is out of the dog house!
Natalie posted on the website “Next Door” for St. Pete’s Old NE neighborhood that her husband, Logan, had lost his wedding band while they were out walking the dog. SRARC member Paul Hill saw the post while at lunch after Church and gave them a call to find out more specific information. Upon returning home, Paul got right to work going over the area discussed (4 blocks of sidewalks). After 2 hours, no ring was found. Letting the temperature drop a bit, Paul headed back out for another hour. With no luck, Paul called and let them know that he could not find it but if they could narrow down the location, he would be happy to try again. The next day after Natalie looked at some pictures of their walk, they realized Logan didn’t have his ring on in any of them. That is when it hit Logan that he had played volleyball Sunday morning at a nearby park before they went on their walk. A text was sent to Paul, who said he would head over there as soon as he returned home later that day. Paul headed over to the courts with fellow SRARC member Stan Flack to try and find the ring. Upon arrival, all the courts were busy except the one that Logan had played on that previous day. Within two minutes, Stan had recovered the ring. They headed over and returned the ring to a very excited Logan who couldn’t believe it was found.
Thanks Paul and Stan for taking the time to help a neighbor.

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Wedding Ring Set Recovered on Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida

Right place at the right time for this recovery
SRARC member Paul Hill was detecting Pass a Grille Beach when he was told by some swimmers that a young lady had lost her wedding ring set.  Heading that way he saw about 6 swimmers with masks on trying to help her find her rings.  Paul listened to Britney explain that she thought she lost it while swimming in the general area.  Paul got right to work and searched the area around where everyone was.  With no luck, Paul asked Britney if she felt it come off or just realized it was gone? Thinking back she wasn’t positive but it might have come off as she dove into the water.  Paul then asked where her beach chair was located so he could deduce where she would have entered the water.  With things lined up another grid pattern was established.  Working the grid Paul made a few more passes and got close to the shore and heard a slight grunt in about 2 feet of water.  One scoop later the wedding band was found and the engagement ring was found within a foot of that.  Britney’s mom verified that those were it and called her daughter and fiancé that the rings had been found and they can cancel their trip to rent a metal detector.  Britney was so excited to get her rings back as their wedding is planned for the end of July.
SRARC sends best wishes to the bride and groom.

Paul Ring Paul

Don CeSar Resort Platinum Ring with Solitaire Diamond Recovery

SRARC received a call from Shadd Young asking for help finding his wife’s platinum and diamond ring. It had been lost it in the water behind the Don Cesar Resort while catching a football just before sundown on April 5th. Shadd told Tom Jones that he could meet him at the beach any time so Tom called Mike Miller and they decided to try and do a hunt as soon as possible. They met Shadd late morning and hunted the area as deep as they could until the high tide forced them to stop. At that time they decided to organize a hunt later that evening when the tide was low.

At 6:00 pm Tom Jones and Mike Miller met up with Paul Hill, Rick Magyar and Ed Osmar to hunt the area that could not be hunted earlier. After 40 minutes of battling the afternoon sea-breeze surf the ring was found. The group called Shadd and informed him to come and pick up his wife’s custom made ring.

He showed up and could not believe that they actually got the ring back and praised the group for the “Noble Thing That They Do”.

Now he, his wife and daughter can go back home to Denver with big smiles and great memories of their trip to Florida.

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