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Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks to SRARC… Logan is out of the dog house!
Natalie posted on the website “Next Door” for St. Pete’s Old NE neighborhood that her husband, Logan, had lost his wedding band while they were out walking the dog. SRARC member Paul Hill saw the post while at lunch after Church and gave them a call to find out more specific information. Upon returning home, Paul got right to work going over the area discussed (4 blocks of sidewalks). After 2 hours, no ring was found. Letting the temperature drop a bit, Paul headed back out for another hour. With no luck, Paul called and let them know that he could not find it but if they could narrow down the location, he would be happy to try again. The next day after Natalie looked at some pictures of their walk, they realized Logan didn’t have his ring on in any of them. That is when it hit Logan that he had played volleyball Sunday morning at a nearby park before they went on their walk. A text was sent to Paul, who said he would head over there as soon as he returned home later that day. Paul headed over to the courts with fellow SRARC member Stan Flack to try and find the ring. Upon arrival, all the courts were busy except the one that Logan had played on that previous day. Within two minutes, Stan had recovered the ring. They headed over and returned the ring to a very excited Logan who couldn’t believe it was found.
Thanks Paul and Stan for taking the time to help a neighbor.

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Wedding Ring Recovered At Clearwater Beach, Florida

My husband and I got married at Clearwater Beach, Florida in 2014 and came back to visit my old home for our one year anniversary. On a Thursday, we were hanging out on the beach and I decided to go down to take pictures by the water. I placed my ring inside a rose and scooted up closer to the shore to get a nicer view. When I moved up, the ring fell and at that point, I believe the water had come up. I looked around, but could not find it. A lady that was nearby also tried to help me, but we had no luck. I spent the next few hours searching and even came back the next day. I was hoping to find someone with a metal detector, but was unable to both days. I kept faith that somehow it would show up and someone would return it.  After returning back from our vacation, I thought about filing a Clearwater Police report for a missing item online, but first I began to search, “missing rings in Clearwater Beach, Fl”, and that’s when I found Ring Finders! I went to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club page and sent an email in hopes that someone could help. Stan immediately contacted me and got more information from me. I wasn’t sure if he would find it since it was almost a week later and Clearwater beach is a highly detected area. Stan went exactly a week after I lost it and I was beyond shocked when I looked at my phone and saw the picture of my missing ring in his hand! I was blown away and I am so grateful for Stan and his wife, Linda, for helping me get my lost treasure back. Miracles do happen and I thank all the volunteers at Suncoast Research and Recovery Club for all they do! A big thanks to Stan Flack and Howard Metts for bringing a smile to another couples faces.

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Three rings lost then recovered in Clearwater

Through a series of accidents, Ashley managed to lose three of her precious rings in the yard. She found SRARC on The Ring Finders and we scheduled a recovery attempt. Howard Metts, Stan Flack, Ed Osmar and Mark Prue all responded to the call and had the three rings back in Ashley’s hands in very short order. Ashley let us know how she felt in her own words below.

I just want to take the time out to say thanks so much for coming to help me find my 3 rings. I never thought it would be possible to master the impossible. Before hearing about you, I thought I had no chance or hope of finding them. You have truly blessed me and I thank God for such an amazing club fulfilling the work of God. You are a blessing to many so for that we Thank you! You all rock.




Clearwater Daycare Diamond Stud Earring Recovered

Vanessa was out on the playground supervising the preschool children during recess. As kids will do they were running around and having a good time chasing each other. Vanessa knelt down and one of the children run up to her and gave her a big hug. She stood up and moved to another location to keep an eye on some of the other children. Sensing something was amiss, she reached up to her ear and felt something hit her hand. She looked down and there was the back to her Diamond earring. She frantically looked for the earring and asked the rest of the staff and children to help her look. They found nothing. Vanessa went to a store and purchased an inexpensive metal detector and soon discovered that she didn’t know how to operate it. She searched the internet for help and found SRARC, She made contact with Mike Miller and he put together a team which included Rick Magyar, Ed Osmar, Chris Duerden, and  Tom Jones. They searched that afternoon until the rain ran them out. The next day they returned and hunted for another hour and all of a sudden Mike got lucky. We are so happy that we were able to find and return Vanessa’s Diamond Stud and she was nothing but smiles when we dropped it into her hand. The kicker is that in the process of hunting we found a ring and pendant that had been lost by other staff members and were able to return them as well. Great Job Team!!!!!!

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Clearwater, Florida Park Recovery

It all started with a friendly tournament of volleyball with my company to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.  What was a very fun event unfortunately ended with park full of people searching for my wedding band.  On the last game of the day my ring flew off after an attempt to set the ball.  We had been playing in the rain so a wet hand made it that much easier to launch my ring into oblivion.  After about 30 minutes of approximately 30 people combing the court for my ring with no results, I needless to say a little bummed.  One of my co-workers presented a possible solution.  He had previously lost his ring as well and his wife handed him a metal detector to search for it.   I borrowed his metal detector and searched the court for another couple of hours in the rain.  Sadly enough I yielded no results.  Five days later I searched for possible metal detector services and came across the SRARC website.  I sent out my email for help at 1am in the morning.  To my surprise, I received a phone call hours later at 7:30am  from Stan.  We arranged to meet at the park where I lost my ring.  Stan had texted me when he approximately five minutes away.  I had run across the street to grab some orange juice and a banana for breakfast. By the time I got back Stan had already been on the volleyball court.  He proceeded to ask me about where I may have lost my ring and for me to describe what it looks like.  As I was describing my ring, Stan held up my ring in his hand. “Does it look like this?”  I cannot say thank you enough to Stan for making my day.  Despite my wife trying to make me feel better by being so wonderful and understanding, deep down inside I was sad that my ring was gone.   The service that Stan and the SRARC provided is priceless and deserving of much recognition.  Thank you Stan and SRARC.

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