Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks to SRARC… Logan is out of the dog house!
Natalie posted on the website “Next Door” for St. Pete’s Old NE neighborhood that her husband, Logan, had lost his wedding band while they were out walking the dog. SRARC member Paul Hill saw the post while at lunch after Church and gave them a call to find out more specific information. Upon returning home, Paul got right to work going over the area discussed (4 blocks of sidewalks). After 2 hours, no ring was found. Letting the temperature drop a bit, Paul headed back out for another hour. With no luck, Paul called and let them know that he could not find it but if they could narrow down the location, he would be happy to try again. The next day after Natalie looked at some pictures of their walk, they realized Logan didn’t have his ring on in any of them. That is when it hit Logan that he had played volleyball Sunday morning at a nearby park before they went on their walk. A text was sent to Paul, who said he would head over there as soon as he returned home later that day. Paul headed over to the courts with fellow SRARC member Stan Flack to try and find the ring. Upon arrival, all the courts were busy except the one that Logan had played on that previous day. Within two minutes, Stan had recovered the ring. They headed over and returned the ring to a very excited Logan who couldn’t believe it was found.
Thanks Paul and Stan for taking the time to help a neighbor.

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  1. Matthew Fry says:

    Great Job fellas! You guys are making a name for yourselves in Fla.

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