100 Year old Ring lost then recovered on Treasure Island

After calling Bill Jackson’s to find someone with a metal detector, Jerry Blair of Dunnellon, FL called SRARC with a desperate plea. His wife Cherife was on Clearwater Beach looking for a lost 100 + year old platinum and diamond ring that had been passed down from her grandmother to her that had been lost in the sand.

Tom Jones called Chris Durden who happened to be leaving Clearwater Beach at the time and asked him to call Cherife and help her find the ring. Moments later Chris called Tom back and informed him that she was on Sunset Beach instead. Hearing this Tom decided to meet her instead since he was only 10 minutes from her.

Tom arrived to find that she had put 3 rings in her shoe the evening before so as not to lose them in the water. When she left the beach she picked up her towel tipping over her shoes. She picked up the shoes and went to her car. Upon arriving at the car she realized that her rings had been inside her shoe and had been dropped. She went back to the beach and searched the area finding 2 of the 3 rings but could not find the one that was most dear to her heart.

Tom started hunting listening for a soft target since the ring was very small and platinum. After passing over the area Cherife had marked out he found a penny, quarter and a pull tab but no ring. He went back over the area very slowly and found the ring at the exact location where Cherife had found the other two.

Needless to say she was extremely happy and called her husband to tell him the great news.

Ring Cherife

2 Replies to “100 Year old Ring lost then recovered on Treasure Island”

  1. John Hughes says:

    Small Plat rings seen to be hard to find. After
    reading this my next call (small Plat) will be a slow
    cross grid. Great job, Great story.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery! Amazing she found 2 rings herself without a detector. She might want to get into the hobby!

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