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from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Contact: 98811429


Gold medal found by Theringfinder member

from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Contact: 98811429

A few weeks ago I was detecting on my favorite beach – Barra da Tijuca, on my favorite spot – Praia do Pepê, when a couple approached and asked me if I could help them find a gold medal they had lost a few minutes before. They told me they were tourists from the capital, Brasilia, were enjoying their visit to Rio a lot but the loss of that medal was a real drawback.

He said he had lifted his wife in the air but in the process her hand got tangled in his necklace and it snaped, sending his gold chain and medal flying through the air. They found the chain but not the medal.

As they had a good idea where it had landed, it did not take me long to find it. When I picked it from the scoop (after seeing bottle caps, pull tabs, coins and even a small metal toy  car be pulled out of it) they got elated to say the least.  Being responsible for that big smile and that strong hug is priceless.

I love my hobby.

Ring Lost Several Years Ago in Levittown PA, Found by Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Several months ago I received a call from Trisha. She lost a ring several years ago in the yard of a friend in Levittown Pa. We texted back & forth and set up a date. The day before we were to look for the ring she sent me a message that there was a problem and she would get back to me. She kept in touch.

This week she texted and asked what my availability was. We agreed on Sunday morning at 8 am. I started packing up my truck at 6:30, and it starts pouring. Ok, better pack my rain gear and switch my detector to waterproof.

We met, and it is raining. I put on my bright yellow rain gear, pants, and jacket. I look like I am going to be on the show Deadliest Catch. Trisha takes me to the area that she believes the ring is located in. She was playing volleyball with friends and went to serve the ball. When she hit the ball, her ring went flying. She had warned me that there are a lot of bottle caps and pull tabs in the area, she was right!! Her husband had looked several years ago with a metal detector and didn’t have any luck.

About 10 minutes into the search her friends said that she was in a different area of the yard. So I expanded my search.  2 spoons, and several trash targets later I get the tone I am listening for. About an inch down in the dirt is a beautiful gold & ruby ring.

Trica comes running down off of the porch, and I get a very big hug. She then explains the history of the ring. The ring is her best friends mothers ring. It was given to Trica after the mother past away. Her best friend had an identical ring made while her mother was still living. She hasn’t been able to tell her friend that she lost the ring. She just saw her friend yesterday, and she was still wearing the identical ring. Trisha now says that she will tell her friend the story of her ring. So much sentimental value.

Trisha stated when we met before the search that the rain would bring good luck. She also reminded me that when we first spoke on the phone that I said if the ring was in the yard, that I would find it!!

I love my hobby!!!


If you have lost a metal item, don’t waste your time renting or buying a metal detector. It takes years of practice to learn what a metal detector is trying to tell you. Call a professional.


Lost Wedding Ring .. San Diego, CA .. Recovered and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Ring Found in Sand .. Breakers Beach , Coronado .. SanDiego, CA.

Sunday morning I was checking my email when I read Chris’s request for my help. He had lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball at the beach Friday evening. Saturday he called local metal detector rental more than four times and couldn’t get a reply. Later that night he found online, sending me an email at 1:30am Sunday.
I sent Chris a reply, asking him to call me. We set up to meet at 9:30 am outside the Naval Air Base and he sponsored me onto the base. After grid searching almost the whole volleyball court, the ring showed up in my scoop.
We were running out of search area, but the last minute find made it more exciting. Ring found 10:15 am. Chris was a very happy that he didn’t have to tell his wife of one year that he had lost the ring.


First Gold Ring Returned of 2015 – Calgary Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

I received a phone call from Alex this morning, he explained,  he had lost his wedding ring the day before after brushing snow off his car.  This is a recurring theme of lost rings snow in the winter, Brushing off cars without gloves, cold hands are then shaken to get the snow off them and there goes the ring.   Just as a side note, if you don’t want to lose your ring in cold weather, wear gloves.
This is exactly what happened to Alex, I met him out at his residence, where he showed me where he remembered losing the ring and where he and family had searched for 3 hours with no luck.
I did a cursory search of the area he directed me to at first and had no luck, so I set up a grid using my parking cones and started my grid search of the area, I always make the grid area larger than the customer thinks it should be, after just 10 minutes working the grid I located Alex’s Ring, about 10 feet away from where he had me looking.  Rings roll and bounce and get kicked around when desperate people are trying to find their treasured items.
Another search ended with a big smile, Alex said, he was sure it was gone for ever. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to recover your Wedding Ring Alex!

Calgary Ring first Ring Recovery of 2015

Calgary Ring first Ring Recovery of 2015

Alex Ring

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Lost Heirloom Ring Recovered From Yard

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Stan had just gotten out of the water in Indian Shores last night and was still parked in the lot when his friend Helen called and with a jest in her voice asked if this was the ring finders hot line.  Why yes it is, you lose something Ms. Helen?  A ring in my yard…possibly.  So off he went to her house still dripping wet.  Stan was joined by his wife and detecting assistant, Linda who thought they were both joking.  The Camp’s live around the block from them, so it’s on the way home.  Pulled up, asked her the usual questions and narrowed the area down.  Turned out to be her moms ring, a family heirloom.  Stan found her mothers teeny tiny ring in about 30 seconds.  She’s a happy camper thanks to one of our dedicated members.


Redington Beach Wedding Band Recovered

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

photo 2 photo

On Sunday, July 27, 2014, Keven (that’s how he spell’s it) and his wife Jessica Jones were at Redington Beach with some friends when he tried to catch a football with his ring hand and watched in slow motion as it flew off.  Thought gone forever, Keven told his friends about his mishap.  Lucky for Keven, It turned out Keven’s friends happen to be my neighbors daughter who immediately called my wife looking for me.  Oddly enough i was already at that beach.  I tried in very rough water that evening to find his ring, family heirloom passed down in his family, but no luck.  Tried again on Thursday but too rough.   We then got our crew of ring finders organized for one last try on Saturday morning in flat seas.  Mike Miller, Howard Metz and Stan Flack gave it a go for about 45 minutes when Stan managed to get the ring under his coil and Keven was pulled from the dog house.  High fives all the way around.



Lost Wedding Ring In Snow Uptown Minneapolis

from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-612-998-7850

Kristen Bowmen Contacted the Ring Finders and requested our help in locating the wedding ring her husband Brady lost in the snow bank outside of there apartment building. This ring was a special ring like all wedding bands are I guess, but this was his fathers ring. Brady was so desperate to find the ring he shoveled out a huge snow bank by himself. I just want to say thanks for the help Brady, wish more people would help like that. While we dug and searched his wife was freezing her ears off she went to find a warm place across the street. The find took about a half an hour but the Metal Detector finally sounded of with the scream of gold. Brady said to me just one word that I will hold for years to come” Impressive”.

Again thanks from the Ring Finder organization we are happy to reunite

Brady's ring found.

Brady’s ring found.

Nice snowy wedding band

people with the lost.


Diamond Ring Lost in Car in San Jose

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost diamond ring found in San Jose metal detector rentalsAmit and Sonal drove up from Phoenix to San Jose to visit family. Sonal removed her rings and placed them on a blanket in her lap while she applied lotion to her hands. When they arrived, she pushed the blanket up onto the center armrest, then noticed that the rings were missing.

She immediately found one ring on the floor behind the front seats, but the second ring was missing. After searching the car, everything in it, the children, the curb, and everything else they could think of, Amit contacted TheRingFinders.

It turns out that they were staying just a mile from my house, which was great compared to some expeditions. I load up my metal detectors and arrived early this morning, two days after the ring was lost.

I knew my metal detectors wouldn’t help inside the car, because of all the metal there, so I searched the curb and the rocks in the parking strip first without luck. Amit and Sonal had done a good job searching outside the car. So next we turned our attention to the car interior, relying on our eyes to search

We pulled up all the floor mats, removed trim strips and car seats, and rolled up the back seats. No luck. My biggest concern was the carpeting: The carpet under each seat had six or more cutouts for mounting brackets and wires. A ring could easily fit into any of them (we have seen this happen before!)

After 40 minutes searching the car, we decided to reenact the circumstances when the ring was lost. First we tied bright yarn onto two rings so they wouldn’t get lost, then Sonal placed them in the same blanket in her lap and repeatedly pushed it up onto the center armrest.

We noticed that the rings always fell into the same area right behind the front seats. I spent the next 10 minutes with a flashlight searching the only nearby hidden area, under the passenger seat. Under one carpet flap, I saw something sparkle. I moved the seat forward, removed a plastic trim strip, lifted up the carpet flap, an ran my finger underneath. Out came Sonal’s lost ring.  Everybody was happy!


This is how it looked when we pulled back the carpet flap

look at all the diamonds-lost diamond ring found in san jose

Look at all the diamonds!

Thank you, Sonal and Amit for your call. Have a nice drive back to Phoenix!

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Diamond Wedding Band Lost Camping in Almaden Valley San Jose-Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

Regina took her family on a company camping trip in the Almaden area of San Jose recently. The weather was beautiful and everybody had fun.

When it came time to tear down the tents, Regina was wiping hers off when she felt her platinum and diamond wedding band fly off her finger. Family and friends all looked everywhere, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Regina contacted me the next day. Because she was camping on private land with few visitors, she felt that the ring must still be at the campsite. We met at the campground in San Jose the following day. I immediately understood why nobody had found the ring when the searched for it: the grass was very thick and well cared for. Fortunately, the grass had not been mown since the camping trip, so we knew the ring was probably right in front of us, in that thick grass.

We could still see the depression in the grass where Regina had pitched her tent, so I marked out a search area along the side where she had lost the ring. Because she was so certain where and when she lost the ring, I focused on that side, but expanded the search zone in both directions. Sometimes it’s hard to judge exactly how hard you fling a ring.

The ground was nearly clear of targets. After five minutes I found a penny. A couple of minutes later, my detector let out a strong ping at the base of a tree at the very edge of the search zone. It was Regina’s ring.

Amazingly, the tree was at a right angle to the direction where Regina thought she was wiping her hand when she lost the ring. That’s why I marked out the larger search area: it is nearly impossible to know exactly which way your hand is moving, or where your finger is pointing, at the moment your ring decides to fly away.

Everybody went home happy!

Regina with her lost wedding ring, now found again

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