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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting service found a lost phone buried in beach sand Diego metal detector rental

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The Ring Finders Metal Detector service helped find a lost phone buried at a beach in San Diego call or text 760 889 2751 emergency or not.

   Many of us can share a story of losing a wallet or cell phone at some time in our life. Those memorable feelings in panic mode desperately tearing apart a house or car retracing back your steps in search is all so terribly familiar to me.

   After many years being a member of Theringfinders,, I have learned so much that have helped others in need with my detector experience during these calls.

   Fortunately when Brenda contacted me one early morning with an emergency regarding her lost cell phone at the beach. She stated right off the bat; The Phone tracker app showed it was still there buried in the sand somewhere.  Can you help me?

   This tells us both it is there to be found!  At the drop of a hat,,I was on my way…My go to saying is; “If it’s there,I will find it”. 

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  So we met shortly afterwards. After mutual Q’s & concerns I began a grid search of the area on dry sand & called her over after 15-25 hearing the first similar sound identical to an ID tone of cell phones I have found.

   X marks that spot I explained as Brenda walked towards in hope. I asked her to dig it up so I didn’t cause any damage just to be safe….When all of a sudden …out of nowhere,,,Something happened…?.

Brenda unearthed her lost cell phone and was joyfully in a relief of happiness.  The end.

La Jolla Metal Detector found Lost ring

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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost wedding Band at Windansea beach in La Jolla. OPEN NOW
CALL ; Curtis Cox at 760 889 2751


On 4th of July,2018 I noticed an email about a lost wedding ring at Windansea beach below the La Jolla cliff during the arising tide. I emailed the wife back that I’m willing to help search for it but will have to wait until low tide early the following morning.
I sent her my cell number so we could communicate quicker plus was able to set up a time to meet Chris who is the husband/Owner of the buried wedding band in the wet sand.

At 6:30am I showed up to the Scene of the Lost Ring nearly 30 min early cause I expected lots of traffic but must mention that the other enthusiasts Detector Guys are at many beaches searching for what they claim as “Treasures” this time of year on 4th of July.

Fortunately when I met Chris there was no sign of beach combers and the spot he showed me where the ring dropped out of a pocket was Virgin grounds with zero drag marks or holes.

Chris did also have an accurate/descriptive area where the ring could be buried so I started in a standard grid pattern search dragging my sand scoop up & down the zone when I heard a deep target nearly 7-10” down then WARNED him this could be just a bottle cap or such trash?? Though,,also could be your ring?? After I got it out of the 3rd scoop on to the towel line I heard a hole in the center of it indicating a ring on my machine while knowingly,,I shook the scoop out uncovering Chris’s Lost wedding ring as he watched! ((Boom)). Chris was electrifyied and I was extatic. I am still amazed after 5 years of returning such precious metals that this gets me excited as much as anyone else,Like as if it’s my first ring return .😇 Much to yearn for there is!

I have many types of special metal detectors for each scenario with over a decade in use but these searches do rely vastly on the timing of the Calls/Tides/Surf conditions/Beach sifting machines/Local beach combers..etc.

However good karma and Knowledge is of my TOP  best equipments for recovering your lost sentimental Item.There is a great chance I can reunite you with your Wedding Ring. Timing is of the essence.

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Carlsbad Metal Detector Finds Lost ring

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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find and return a lost wedding ring at a Special Carlsbad beach. OPEN NOW 24/7 Call 760 889 2751

Sunday July 1st,I received a text before midnight from Jason who had just noticed his ring was missing and asked if I could help him find it at the beach?
We agreed to meet at 6am the next morning. Normally,I Immediately go at the drop of the Hat but this particular location is illegal to park at from 11pm-sunrise plus I rarely see metal detector guys or hobbyists also known as“Beach Combers” Cleaning this piece full Local surf spot.

I went back to sleep with one eye open when my alarm woke me up 4.5 hrs later…
I met Jason at the scene of the lost ring then we walked down to where he had his Platinum wedding ring of over 20 years fall out of the chair cup holder. Fortunately Jason remembered the exact location.So I turned on My Metal Detector then got a consistent beep on the first sweep,,Not even 1 step into performing a professional grid pattern hunt when out came his precious ring buried in the sand…less than just 5 seconds of Detecting.

The force was strong with this search!

Jason had the same shell shocked look as I did after Pulling it out of the sand scoop shovel! Amazed as well as I was because knowing some searches can take hours,Days or weeks?

Then the standard question popped up afterwards of payment or reward?? No worries to any call I get,I enjoy what I do & do not Demand a charge for my service!

I work on a reward basis and often give out my address or info so that people can send any gratitude they feel necessary later.No dollar is ever needed upfront to help out at anyone on the Local San Diego beaches!

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Lost Wedding Ring .. San Diego, CA .. Recovered and Returned

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Ring Found in Sand .. Breakers Beach , Coronado .. SanDiego, CA.

Sunday morning I was checking my email when I read Chris’s request for my help. He had lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball at the beach Friday evening. Saturday he called local metal detector rental more than four times and couldn’t get a reply. Later that night he found online, sending me an email at 1:30am Sunday.
I sent Chris a reply, asking him to call me. We set up to meet at 9:30 am outside the Naval Air Base and he sponsored me onto the base. After grid searching almost the whole volleyball court, the ring showed up in my scoop.
We were running out of search area, but the last minute find made it more exciting. Ring found 10:15 am. Chris was a very happy that he didn’t have to tell his wife of one year that he had lost the ring.


Car Keys Found .. Mission Beach .. SanDiego, CA. .. Returned to Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Thursday .. Aug. 6, 2015

Five members of TheRingFinders met up at Mission Beach in San Diego, CA. about the time the daily tourists were leaving the beach. Mark Ruby, Tony Eisenhower, with their wives, John Hughes, Curtis Cox and myself had dinner at a local restaurant. After eating we grabbed our detectors to enjoy a couple hours of detecting for pleasure.
We all took off in different directions planning to get meet up later. I tried a little water detecting, without much showing I moved to the dry dry sand. It was dark when I got a crazy signal from my CTX 3030 detector. I wasn’t hunting using a light, making it hard to see the set of keys on a lanyard. I usually turn keys into the lifeguards for their lost and found. The lifeguards were of duty,  so I put them in my pocket. A half hour later a police patrol car pulled up to me. They asked if I had found a set of car keys on a lanyard. Of course I gave them the keys, also taking advantage of the opportunity to tell them about .
A little later a young lady with her friend walked up to me. She was the owner of the keys and wanted to thank me for finding her car keys. It had been a horrible two hours sense losing the keys. She didn’t have any spare keys. She was sincerely grateful. This was another opportunity to tell her and her friend about website. It was a great get together with fellow members of TheRingFinders. As always it is awesome to be able to return something that was lost to its owner.

San Diego Metal Detector found lost Gold Rings

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Gold Wedding Ring set Found in the ocean and Reunited 6 days Later to the happy owner in San Diego Solana Beach CALL NOW; 760 889 2751

This first started out after We had a  Ringfinders Meeting at a neighboring beach,I noticed an add online about a Women who lost a Ring at Solana beach and she was hoping an honest person found it. My Good buddy John Hughes from The Ringfinders emailed Her right away and days later she Contacted Us.

Many variables and some doubts concerning This situation because these rings could of been what detectorist call “eyeball Find”  Not buried in the sand and Easily to see & pick up after it was lost! ? Staying optimistic as always I met John at solana beach the first low tide after talking to Lisa From Utah who also had hope it could still be buried in the  Wet sand. 13 minutes into the hunt,Some person tells John A metal detectorist was there 2 days ago…Dang..It could be GONE 4 EVER ??? John was long gone after that point but No matter, Process of elimination,I kept on swinging..Then..Mmmmm BeeeP.. Crystal clear ring sound On my P.I metal detector and there was the 1st ring white gold band 2″ deep …35 feet later I hit the mother load:) Lisa’s Big diamond ring was 6″ deep in wet sand and now in my scoop!

We then contacted Lisa and her Father and Met At lunch time,she put her rings back on after 6 days of  being consumed by the ocean and the Positive energy of giving back was electrifying! I hope this story Will help you or others Who have lost their Precious/Sentimental  Metals.

My Investment In metal Detectors is a Gift that keeps on Giving. 😉

Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

La Jolla Shores, CA. … Thursday 4/16/15 .. 12pm

Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. … Found with Metal Detector

Today we have a nice low tide about 2pm. This is a good time to detect on the beach in the wet sand without bothering sunbathers on the dry sand. I arrived at La Jolla Shores beach about noon. After about a half hour messing around the fire pits a man walked up to me asking me if I could help him find his ring. I told him I was a member of TheRingFinders and gave him my card with our website information. His name was FX which is short for a longer name. He is visiting from Seattle, WA. Earlier in he morning at hi tide he had been surfing when his gold wedding ring of 15 years slipped of his finger. He felt it slip off when he was in about knee deep water but it disappeared right away. FX walked me over to the location which he had remembered was directly in front of the lifeguard tower.
I told him that I had to work the area slow and thorough as this is a game of inches. If I miss it by an inch, it could take hours to find it. He just stood by with his smart phone reading TheRingFinders website. I made a long pass to the waterline then returned toward the beach. Just before turning around for my third pass I heard a good tone that I knew was gold. There under 2 inches of wet sand was FX’s gold wedding band. Another good memory for a vacation holiday. Also a great smile for me to remember. After a many years of finding rings for people I go by beaches remembering the people and their rings that I have found and returned. Making good memories for everybody is part of what we do.