Augusto Vincenzo

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis, you only pay if the item is found.

However, there will be a call out fee of R$30,00 to cover my gas expenses if your ring is not found.

Meu serviço é à base de recompensa. Você só paga se o item for encontrado. Porém, uma taxa de R$30,00 será cobrada para cobrir custo com combustível se seu item não for encontrado.

Search Types

Beaches, parks, yards, in water up to half a meter deep

Praias, praças, quintais ou áreas em geral, e em água até meio metro de profundidade.

Search Locations

Rio de Janeiro, Niterói and most cities within a two hour drive (further distances to be discussed)

Rio de Janeiro, Niterói e a maioria das cidades dentro de uma distância aproximada de 2 horas. (distâncias maiores a serem discutidas)

Augusto Vincenzo's Bio

My name is Augusto Vincenzo and I am 52 years old! Married 26 years with 2 children.

Meu nome é Augusto Vincenzo, tenho 52 anos. Casado a 26 anos e tenho 2 filhos.

I love my family, my friends, metal detecting, longboard Surfing and the good old Rock n Roll !

Amo minha família, amigos, metal detecting, surf de pranchão e o velho e bom Rock n Roll.

I have been metal detecting for about a year now and it has quickly become a passion, besides, I have always loved the excitement of finding lost things.

Venho detectando metal como hobby a pelo menos um ano e isso logo se tornou uma paixão, além do que sempre gostei da emoção de encontrar coisas perdidas.

Chris Turner’s Ring Finders is exactly the kind of thing I have always wanted to do: give people a second chance to find what they thought was lost forever.

O serviço criado por Chris Turner é exatamente o tipo de atividade da qual eu sempre quis fazer parte: dar às pessoas uma segunda chance de encontrar o que elas pensavam estar perdido para sempre.

Augusto Vincenzo - Recent Blog Post

  • Gold band on volleyball sand court (2017)

    About the end of last summer here in Rio de Janeiro I got a call from a man who had lost his heavy gold wedding band while playing volleyball on the sand court in the condo where he lives. When I got there he told me when he hit the ball he saw the band […]

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  • Gold wedding band lost and found at Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro (2015)

    Last Sunday I got a call from Leandro, a desperate gentleman who lost his thick and heavy gold wedding band at the beach. It was about 6.0 P.M. and he was still there and wanted me to search for his band at night. He lost it while shaking hands with a friend. They looked for […]

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  • Diamond Head Stainless Steel Beach Scoop as prize from Nuttall Enterprises and TRF (2014)

    I was lucky enough to be online when Chris Turner launched the TRF contest with a Diamond Head stainless steel beach scoop from Nuttall Enterprises as prize. I immediately started searching for the quote and it didn’t take me long to find it because I had recently listened to his interview to that radio station. […]

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  • Wedding band found at Barra da Tijuca Beach – Rio de Janeiro (2014)

    Last Monday as soon as I got to Barra da Tijuca beach in the afternoon to do some treasure hunt, a lady approached me and asked  if that was a metal detector  I was swinging around. ……Let me remind you that here in Brazil this Hobby is not  popular at all, actually,  very few people […]

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  • “Business Card” (2011)

    I just wanted to share with the folks here at Ringfinders the “business cards” I’ve ordered. They are made of good quality paper card, which gives them a good presentation. I distribute them at beachfront hotels, lifeguard stands, beach kiosks and the people that always approach me to ask what I’m doing when I’m metal […]

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