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Thrown Away Wedding Ring Returned in Tampa, Florida

Bridgett was sitting on her front porch talking to her husband on the phone. She was a bit upset that he left for work without his wedding band.  The emotions got the best of her and she ended up taking her ring off and throwing it into the front yard! She and her husband searched the entire yard and could not find the ring.

Lucky for her she went to the internet and looked up “how to find a ring in the grass”. SRARC’s Ring Finder number came up.  She made the call and a team was put together.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill arrived about 1 pm that very day.  After about 30 minutes or so Bridgett went inside to check on her two little ones and started to cry thinking that they would not be able to find it.  Shortly after she returned to the front porch Paul Hill asked her “if it looked like this?”  She was so excited and relieved. What fun it was for us to be able to return a smile to her face.




Dog-gone Ring Recovered

Gina was on her back patio with her six month old puppy when she decided to do some yard work. She took her two rings off and laid them on the lounge chair to make sure she did not lose them.
She proceeded to work in the yard for a while. She then returned to the chair to get her rings but only one was there. After looking around she realized that the puppy must have pick up the ring and carried it off.
After a day of searching she found SRARC and called Tom Jones who happened to be about ten minutes away.
Tom arrived at the home and asked Gina to bring the puppy outside then proceeded to scan the coil of his detector around the dog to see if it possibly swallowed the ring. He got no signal from the dog then started to hunt the yard. The whole yard was hunted right up to the last 10 square feet where Tom hit on a platinum signal. He then looked down to see a shiny circle lying in the grass.
It turned out to be the platinum and diamond heirloom ring. The ring had been passed down from Gina’s late mother to her and she had hoped to pass it on to her own daughter one day.

puppy1 puppy2

Lost Heirloom Ring Recovered From Yard

Stan had just gotten out of the water in Indian Shores last night and was still parked in the lot when his friend Helen called and with a jest in her voice asked if this was the ring finders hot line.  Why yes it is, you lose something Ms. Helen?  A ring in my yard…possibly.  So off he went to her house still dripping wet.  Stan was joined by his wife and detecting assistant, Linda who thought they were both joking.  The Camp’s live around the block from them, so it’s on the way home.  Pulled up, asked her the usual questions and narrowed the area down.  Turned out to be her moms ring, a family heirloom.  Stan found her mothers teeny tiny ring in about 30 seconds.  She’s a happy camper thanks to one of our dedicated members.