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Cartier Love Bracelet Lost in Grass at a Newport Coast Park, Newport Beach, CA.

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I received a call from Sosan asking for help to find a piece of jewelry lost in grass at a private park in Newport Coast, Newport Beach, CA. The call came an hour before sunset and they had been searching for hours. I was only 5 miles from the location, so we made arrangements to get me through the security gate and I was there soon after the original call.

I met Sosan’s husband who was able to tell me some of the details of the lost Cartier Love bracelet. It had been a large party at the park with a awesome venue. She had been in a specific area when she felt her two piece bracelet was loose. A few minutes later the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. The first half was easily found visually, soon after. The other half was another story. It was hiding in the deep grass and should have been close to the other piece. It was also amazing that such a large piece of jewelry could be completely hidden out of site in the deep grass.

I was also sure the large 18k (17 grams ) gold half of the Cartier Love Bracelet would be easy to find with my Metal Detector. You just never know, It did show up over 30 feet from where the other half was found. It was getting a bit testy when I had to expand my search area. Persistence paid off and we had a special celebration as the sunset. It was my pleasure to meet Sosan and her husband to help them find the sentimental piece of jewelry.

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