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Lost Ring in a Laguna Beach Garden .. Found with Metal Detector

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Andrew had been visiting Laguna Beach from San Francisco. He was helping his good friend plating seedlings and maintaining a large garden. Before return to the house Andrew realized that sometime during the gardening he lost his gold ring.

They spent several hours going over the area where they had been working. They even dug up the seedling plants to inspect the hole for the lost ring.. in an attempt to research if a metal detector could help locate the ring, Andrew found TheRingFinders website. He found my contact information, calling me to ask how the service works.

I drove to the Laguna Beach home that same day. We proceeded to get set up in the large garden on a hillside of the property. Grid searching the area was a bit time consuming because there were several metal targets that had to be investigated. I always search in all metal mode when doing ring recoveries. It’s common that people aren’t sure if the ring was gold or silver, they often say silver colored . There is quite a difference between the signals that gold and silver show on the newest models of metal detectors .. After doing a double/ triple grid, the ring showed up next to a large plant that had interfered with my ability to swing the detector coil on my first pass. 

I could feel that Andrew and his friend were beginning to lose hope as I was nearing the end of places to search. Then, Boom !! I spotted the ring after getting the perfect gold ring signal. I didn’t say anything, just asked them to come over to look at something at the base of the plant.

Another great experience to witness the happiness and gratitude from Andrew and his friend who thought this was impossible to find such a small item in a huge garden. Also, Andrew now knows his ring is 14 k white gold marked inside band.

Gold Bacelet with Diamonds Missing after doing Yard Work .. West Covina, CA. .. Recovered and Returned

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if you need help contact Stan the Metal Detector Man .. call or text .. 949-500-2136

*** Steven called from West Covina, CA. asking for help to find a gold bracelet with diamonds. His lady friend had been trimming ivy vines that had grown up a metal cyclone fence. Later that day she realized her gold bracelet was missing from her wrist. Had searched through all the trimmings but saved them in a trash container. He also spent a lot of time looking into the existing ivy on the metal fence.

We both were aware that it might be difficult to use a metal detector so close to the metal fence. After discussing the possibilities of conducting a search, we agreed that I could give it try. I drove to the location thinking the trimmings in the trash would be the best chance to find the lost bracelet. Once I get to the location we can discuss other possibilities as she had not discovered the bracelet missing till later that evening after going the yard work.

I was able to meet Steve a few hours after his call. Grabbing my equipment, we walked to the backyard. My plan was to start by spreading the ivy trimmings onto a cement patio deck that didn’t have metal re-bar or mesh. Then I had a second thought, I grabbed a high powered flashlight to begin a visual look into the ivy on the fence. There were several pockets of dead leaves that could hold a piece of jewelry. 

Steve told me he had spent time searching that area, but allowed me to give it a try. After about 20 minutes I looked down, spotting the gold bracelet on the cement deck. It had been in the ivy and I dislodged it from the foliage.  We were lucky to start in the right location which did help to make it a quick recovery. Steve told me, he had already felt he had eliminated that area and would have never found the bracelet. Happy day for Steve, his friend and me..

I’m available now call me if you have any questions. I have experience with all types of searches.  I WILL TRY ANYWHERE..  949-500-2136

Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring in Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, CA. Recovered in Water by Ringfinder.

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How I found Diego’s wedding ring in the water with a metal detector.. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need help finding a ring or any sentimental keepsake. .. available now Call or Text for information on how the service works… Stan  949-500-2136

*** Diego called asking if I could find a ring in the water. He and his family were in Long Beach at a park called Colorado Lagoon. He had waded out in the lagoon waist deep diving head first in the water. He knew that was when his ring came off his finger.

I asked him to mark the spot above the high tide line and take a couple photos. Tide was rising and it may be too deep by the time I get there. He wasn’t sure the whole family could stand by as they were just about ready to leave. 

I made the 18 mile drive catching them still at the site of the loss. Diego was awfully upset. I calmed him down saying the most important part of the search is done. We know he felt the ring come off his finger and I have the exact location. It may be deeper that I can get today but tomorrow morning we have a very low tide. It’s a back bay with no waves. The ring isn’t going anywhere.. 

I did a thorough grid out to neck deep with no success. There wasn’t very many bottle caps or trash metal targets, which is a good thing. It was looking like a return search the next low tide. He was insistent that it was at least waist deep. Completing all the water grid before calling it a day, I got a strong signal in knee deep water. Boom! Tungsten Carbide ring that was definitely Diego’s ring.. Another Very Happy guy. I knew that this meant the world to him because he was speechless. A perfect day, when we do these searches we never know what we will run into.

Don’t waste time contact me now.. Timing is important, especially if the loss is in a public location. Metal detectors are very effective to find small objects, when used by experienced metal detector expert. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ .. Stan the Metal Detector Man is a member of TheRingFinders .. Call or Text Stan  949-500-2136

Sentimental Silver Ring Found at San Clemente State Beach, CA. .. by Ringfinder Stan Ross

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Pricilla called asking if I could help her find a silver ring that she believed was lost the day before at San Clemente State Beach , CA.  She was at work when she called me and not available to meet me at the location.

It’s always best if the person that lost the ring can meet me at the location but she was able to send me a couple screen shots and photos that were taken to help me get in the general location. 

It was not a problem to go search the location without having Pricilla take time off from her work. Traffic was better for me to travel to short after she called. 

I arrived at the San Clemente State Park and was  able to avoid paying day parking because I always buy a yearly state beach parking pass. The walk down the hill was the hardest part of the search. Found the silver ring in the dry sand within a half hour of grid searching with my metal detector.

Pricilla met me that evening after work in a public location closer to her home. She was ecstatic and grateful to have this special sentimental keepsake back where it belongs.

If you need help finding a ring, jewelry or any metallic important item Call or Text me ASAP. I’m always available to help you answer any questions you have about how this service works.  STAN THE METAL DETECTOR MAN ..  949-500-2136


  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

I recived a text about my ringfinder services,  with a little info;

I went surfing today at ponto and gave my ring to my  boyfriend before I went out.  After leaving, while having lunch we couldnt find it,  We knew it has to be in the sand at the beach.

After a quick phone call we both headed to the beach. 10/15 mins later we’re on the beach.  I have them draw outline of loss area.  Alot of old fire pits here,  nail after nail then a few bottle caps and pull tabs. 20% of area done and and nice clear beep. There she is,   Beautifull gold and dimond rind.  Back where it belongs.


Lost Ring on a California beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)
  1. Got a morning call from partner Curtis Cox, (ring call)   he couldnt get away so he passed the ring call to me. After a 45 min drive for a lost wedding band lost late last night.  Meet up and I ask him to draw a square around where he thinks it is.  Done, not there. OK lets go alittle over this way. Check. Ok lets call someone else who was here.  2 more people show up.  Did their area, nothing. Damn. Ok im gona grid alittle closer to the water. 3 rd pass and there ya go.  Plat 950 back on owners finger.  Read the rest of this entry »

Lost Dimond Ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

got a call from Alyssa just before sunset. She had put her ring in her bag but as they get ready to leave the beach her ring cant be found.  A friend of hers had used us TheRingFinders last summer and she remembered the story. I headed stright down as this was a dry sand loss. After gridin the area two time I called in my partner in case I missed it. He grids the area but nothing. Her friends start useing feet to move sand in area and I try one more time and bingo, there it be.

White tiny gold is the hardest to find but we werent leaveing till we found it. Team work by TheRingFinders


Lost Ring Swimming Encinitas

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

I got a voice mail from Frank about a lost gold wedding ring in the water. I called him right away to set up a meet.

I decided to go alittle early cause low tide would be late. We met about 6:00 pm and I told Frank and his family might be 8 pm before I get it. They went for walk around town while I started to grid into waist deep water.

  • Total search aprox one hour from the time I got there but 15 min after they went to town.  I called Frank and said I got something for you. You could hear in his voice the excitement. So I went to my truck and drove to the parking lot to meet up for the return and the smile picture for the book of Smiles.  Read the rest of this entry »

Lost ring set Oceanside

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

I got a call for a ring set lost yesterday at the beach but they didnt know where. I went stright down to meet them and check what I could. She thought might have come off digin sand crabs with grandkids. After gridin the wet with nothing found we moved up in the masses of people. Not there either. Then the son says I think we might have been where those people are packing up. Ok lets check it.

2 or 3 passes I get one of the two lost so I know the other is close by.  Yep, aprox 4/6′ away and there is number two. Another happy family here on vacation no with big smiles. 


  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Got a call from a man who said I lost my ring on the beach, can you help me.?

I will do my best. Ask all the questions and head down to meet him. As we walk down he says he thinks its about a 10’x10′ area.  After 4 or 5 passed I get it. A beautifull heavy Gold wedding band. Another ring saved and another smile made. Read the rest of this entry »