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Gold diamond wedding ring set lost from purse during a company party at Newport Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



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*** A lady named Pin had gone to a company beach party at a Newport Dunes Resort. It was a large group of over one hundred people with catered dinner, music and live entertainment. Most of the venue was set up on the sand.  Pin decided to take off her rose gold and diamond wedding ring set and put them in her basket type bag. 

After returning home, she couldn’t find her wedding rings in her purse. She assumed that they may have been pulled out when she was taking things out during her 3 hours on the beach. Then she had the thought that maybe somebody had stolen the rings. 

Pin called the main office to ask if anyone had reported wedding rings fo lost and found. One of the people at the office gave her my contact information. Pin called me giving me directions to where they had been during the beach party. She was unable to meet me at the location, so I went to the location of the screen shot map she had marked up.

After a couple hours of grid searching without finding the rings I had to leave because of rain. Early the next morning I returned to finish the search. I wasn’t the ten minutes before I got a great signal that turned up two beautiful rose gold wedding rings.  

I texted a photo of the rings to Pin and immediately she called me. She was so excited we couldn’t talk much. She asked if I could hold the rings till for a couple days because they were out of town. No problem, we met the next weekend to return her very special rings.

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