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Celphone Recovered from Sand at Orange County CA. Beach … by Member of TheRingFinders

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*** Celphone  with drivers license and credit cards lost in sand at Orange County, CA. beach. Ella called me looking for help to find her friend, Julia’s IPhone. They are vacationing here in SoCal and will be returning to Belview, WA. in a couple days.

Julia was devastated as not only her celphone was missing, she had her credit cards and identification attached to the phone case. I met the two ladies on the beach after the sunset. I have no problem doing night searches. 

They had the “Find My Pone App “ on Ella’s phone. It showed the phone still had batteries but we could not hear a alarm sound or see the light on the screen. I had to be under the sand.

The indicator on the tracking was not very accurate and the grid search was going on to almost an hour. The two young ladies were getting cold and starting to believe the metal detector wasn’t going to work. They even asked me to stop. I told them to go back to their apartment and I would continue until I was sure I had covered the area properly. 

They left and before they got off the beach, BOOM ! .. I found the phone and it’s contents. Then I quickly made a call to them. They had barely walked off the beach before getting my call. They came back to retrieve the phone with big smiles and saying they had given up hope. 

I knew it was there, I just didn’t get my metal detector coil over target..  Knowing my equipment is important. If the item is there I can find it. If it’s not there nobody is going to find it. If you don’t try you will never find it..  

If you need help call now, available to take a call 24/7 .. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE.. Stan .. 949-500-2136