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Lost Wedding Ring and a Mother’s Day Gift Ring at Huntington City Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned on Mother’s Day

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 *** The night before Mother’s Day I received a call from lady named Nga, she had been to Huntington City Beach with her 3 boys. She put her two rings on her towel while applying sun screen.  One was her platinum diamond wedding ring and the other a very special rose gold with a red stone ring ( a Mother’s Day gift from her sons four years before). She wears both rings daily .

The rest of the story is common occurrence, she picked up the towel later in the day and the rings disappeared into the sand. She did realized that the rings were lost before leaving the beach, but that turned into a panic search for several hours by everyone around them.

Returning home Nga did a google search and contacted me just before 8pm. I heard enough of the story and where she lost the rings to advise her that I should leave right away as this beach has a nighttime cleanup crew that runs beach sifting machines especially on the most used part of the beach.

I arrived at the location with about an hour before they close the beach. That was enough time to grid search a 40ft x 40ft area. Half way through the grid search I got two signals on my Deus 2 metal detector. Scooped both ring at the same time. Turned off my machine, took a few photos of the rings and called Nga with the good news.  I know that she needed to know that the rings were safe and she could sleep well that night. ( I did send a photo of the rings ) 

We met this Morning, which is Mother’s Day 2022. She was with her husband and three boys and all were excited and very grateful to have Mom’s rings back for Mother’s Day..


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