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Texas A&M class ring recovered, Arvada, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Paul was out playing disc golf when he lost his beloved Texas A&M class ring. He went to a near by store and rented a metal detector. He then spent an hour searching the small island in a stream that he was on when he felt his ring slip from his finger with no luck. He then found my profile on The Ring Finders and sent me an email explaining his situation. I noticed his email the next morning and replied adding my phone number and asking him to call me. Soon my phone rang and we set up a time that morning, a Sunday morning, for me to meet him and do a search.
Paul met me and took me to the location, showed me how he threw his disc from that location. My review of his actions told me that the ring would be to his left either in the water or hidden in the tall grass on the island. After a couple minutes search I revived a great signal on my Teknetics Patriot. This signal was just at the waters edge amongst some longer aquadic vegetation. I used my pin pointer to narrow down the location of that signal. A few seconds of fishing around the muck and I felt Paul’s ring slide onto one of my fingers. Paul was quite happy to get his ring back.


Ring recovered 11-5-2017

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Galveston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring in Isla Del Sol boat channel Galveston, Texas (Recovered)

I received a call yesterday from Alfonso regarding his lost Texas A&M class ring. Alfonso said he was visiting some friends in the Isla Del Sol area of Galveston Island when he lost his ring. Alfonso said he hand his friends had been throwing spent crawfish shells into the boat channel behind his friends home.

Alfonso said he did not see the ring come of his hand, but knew he had it on, because his ring had been an item of discussion during the crawfish dinner. Alfonso said after cleaning up and throwing the shells into the channel he realized his class ring was missing.

After speaking with Alfonso he sent me a few photographs of the channel and bulk head behind the house. We made agreements to met today and search for his missing ring.

Alfonso was specific on the location where he believed the ring would have landed in the water, but after nearly an hour with no results we expanded the search area. After resetting out grid another 10 feet, the ring was recovered within a relatively short time.

I had set up one of my GoPro’s to record the recovery while I was in the water, but unfortunately the recovery took several hours and the camera couldn’t hang.

As with most of the boat channel’s in the Galveston area, there is a large amount of debris, some or most related to hurricane IKE which covered island with more than 10 foot of water.

The visibility was minimal (ZERO) and all targets were sifted blindly by hand, but make no mistake, when you grab a ring, you know it.



































Equipment Used:

Minelab Excalibur II

Hookamax Scuba System

GoPro Camera

Sony POV Camera




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John Volek




Lost Texas A&M Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Ring Phone Support 🙂

Hi John,

My name is Alvaro ******** and I misplaced my aggie ring over the weekend at home.  Normally I place my ring on top of the family dresser, and vaguely remember doing so.  However, we have not been able to find it over the weekend.  Are you able to assist with the search for this ring?  It is likely inside the house in a drawer or crack(I think).  We live in the Heights in a Bungalow.  If you can assist us, please let me know how much you would charge for your services.  Do you work off contingencies?

Thank you

Alvaro *********




Thank you for contacting me, when I hear about these type of losses, I often recommend waiting for up to 72 hours, as the rings in these situations tend to show up on their own.

If that time has passed, and the ring is still missing from your home, you have to ask yourself these real questions.

1. Who has had access to the ring since you last remember seeing it. This list would include friends, family, service persons, etc?

2. Have you checked all the obvious places like your pockets, laundry basket, behind dressers, beds, etc?

3. Check the vacuum cleaner bag

4. Could the ring have bypassed any drain guard in any sink? If yes, you need to check the drain pipe traps.

MOST of my expertise in locating missing items (rings) is by utilizing the latest technology in metal detecting equipment.  This work is traditional done in an outdoor environment.  I have assisted people on these types of jobs before, sometimes a clean set of eyes can be a factor, but we need to focus on the fact that your ring did not disappear on its own.

Professionally, I often tell people to sit down and write out their daily activities of the day in question. This act often creates a recall we might not have had just thinking about the particular day or incident.

Let me know.

John Volek

281 330 7758


Hi John,

Thanks for the encouraging words; I took your advice and kept alert for it. Alas, my ring was where I least expected it;  My closet.

Happy holidays



Great News and Happy Holidays


Lost Class Ring in College Station, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

 I was recently contacted by Ms. Walker from College Station, Texas regarding a lost 2011 Texas A&M class ring.  Ms. Walker was not exactly sure of where she lost her ring, but knew it was missing after an exhaustive search of her home and car.

Ms. Walker felt there could be a slight possibility that it may have fallen of her hand somewhere in her front yard, but was clearly unsure.

I was able to assist Ms. Walker in contacting a fellow Detectorist Bill Sloan in College Station. Mr. Sloan was able to assist Ms. Walker in a metal detection search of both her front and back yards.

The ring remains unrecovered at this time and has been reported to the College Station Police Department.

The ring is described as a ladies 10K Texas A&M class ring with inscription Kelly E.B. Walker. If this ring should cross your path it’s looking to go home.

The following is an e-mail sent by Ms. Walker

Thank you Mr. Volek,

I really appreciate all your help and your connecting me to Mr. Sloan. He was incredibly kind and patient with me throughout our dealings.

He wouldnt even let me pay him for gas. I know he was from the area but I still found it surprising. He made clear that he was simply doing it to help, as you did.

You’ve both made a painful process much easier and I really appreciate it.

My next step is to have a friend of mine take apart the dash on my car. I heard a metal object sliding around when I made a particularly sharp turn yesterday and my heart stopped. I have no idea if it’s my ring or not, but a girl can hope.

Take care, Mr. Volek. I’ll keep you updated if I find it.

Thanks and Gig ’em,
Kelly Walker