Lost Class Ring in College Station, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

 I was recently contacted by Ms. Walker from College Station, Texas regarding a lost 2011 Texas A&M class ring.  Ms. Walker was not exactly sure of where she lost her ring, but knew it was missing after an exhaustive search of her home and car.

Ms. Walker felt there could be a slight possibility that it may have fallen of her hand somewhere in her front yard, but was clearly unsure.

I was able to assist Ms. Walker in contacting a fellow Detectorist Bill Sloan in College Station. Mr. Sloan was able to assist Ms. Walker in a metal detection search of both her front and back yards.

The ring remains unrecovered at this time and has been reported to the College Station Police Department.

The ring is described as a ladies 10K Texas A&M class ring with inscription Kelly E.B. Walker. If this ring should cross your path it’s looking to go home.

The following is an e-mail sent by Ms. Walker

Thank you Mr. Volek,

I really appreciate all your help and your connecting me to Mr. Sloan. He was incredibly kind and patient with me throughout our dealings.

He wouldnt even let me pay him for gas. I know he was from the area but I still found it surprising. He made clear that he was simply doing it to help, as you did.

You’ve both made a painful process much easier and I really appreciate it.

My next step is to have a friend of mine take apart the dash on my car. I heard a metal object sliding around when I made a particularly sharp turn yesterday and my heart stopped. I have no idea if it’s my ring or not, but a girl can hope.

Take care, Mr. Volek. I’ll keep you updated if I find it.

Thanks and Gig ’em,
Kelly Walker