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Diamond wedding band recovered from the ocean in Delray Beach Florida

from Hollywood (Florida, United States)
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Recently I received a call from Rebecca, who just returned from her honeymoon and, 3 days later, she lost her 5 diamond wedding band in the ocean in Delray Beach, Florida. She was so surprised that it fell off because she said that her husband had to force it on her finger at their wedding just days before but as we all know, fingers shrink. The complication was not that it was a water recovery but it was lost 75+ yards off shore on a sand bar that may or may not still be there for it was a couple of days after the loss when she contacted me. I told them that I could meet them at sunrise the next morning and I geared up with my equipment and a Boogie Board(a first for me). I met her and her husband at the beach but she had to go to work so her husband proceeded to review landmarks with me before he headed off shore on his paddle board with me following on my Boogie Board. Luckily the water was like glass, the sand bar was still there and he got me close enough to the loss area that I was able to find it within about an hour.

This was Rebecca’s response after we sent her pictures of the recovered ring:

“OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you so much I’m sure you get this all the time but you are incredible! This ring meant the world to me and I was Devastated it was gone. Thank you so much please let me ever know if you need anything!!!”

Another happy newlywed couple!