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Lost Gold Diamond Pedant in Calgary Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
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I received a call a young lady. She said she had lost her gold diamond pendant. It was given to her from her boyfriend. She said she had lost it while she was riding her horse. She had been jumping her horse in the outdoor area plus the inside one.She said it could be anywhere even the barn. I told her I would start on the out door arena around all the jumps first and grid the whole area. It was a very hot day about 30 degrees.I started finding lots of stuff but it was a lot of nails which I picked up so the horses wouldn’t pick them up. I hunted for about 3 hours about to give up and I thought I would give it about another half hour. Just about the last couple of minutes bam I found it.So I went the the indoor arena where she was teaching young riders. She came over ans asked if I found it I showed her all the metal and nails.She looked sad and said thanks for trying.Then I showed her the gold diamond  pendant  she screamed your my hero I’m so happy thank you so so much. Well another successful hunt and a very happy girl. Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293


Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

I received an email from a lady that lost her diamond ring in a wooded patch adjacent to her back yard. After talking to her, she informed me that her fiance threw the ring in the high weeds with a creek going though it. This happened after an argument.

We made a time that we can all be at the house so I could search for the ring and also her fiance could throw my test rings. I searched part of the backyard where he threw the test rings past the fence, in the tall grass and trees. I did the search for about three hours until it got dark. Unfortunately no ring. We set up another time to come back out and search the area again. The second time I found the ring within 15 minutes. The ring was just further in the woods but close to the creek. I am glad that I was able to return the ring to her and that her fiance did not have to buy another diamond engagement ring.