Lost Gold Wedding Band - Found in New Kensington near Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA. Why rent a metal detector when you can get a trained operator with top of the line equipment at the same time…

I received a text from Christina asking if I could look for her husband’s gold wedding band. They were not sure but thought it could have been lost in the yard a few days prior when they were doing some yard work. I drove out later that afternoon and met Christina and her husband Kurt. They showed me where he had been working in the yard and I got to work. I checked about half of the area when I hit a pretty good sound…only to find a nail. However, following the cardinal rule of always checking the hole again I got another good sound and this time I struck gold! I pulled out the ring and asked Christina to come outside. She could not believe that I found the ring and I gave it to her to return to her husband. Kurt was very happy to have his ring back. Not knowing for sure if it was in the yard it was definitly a nice surprise for all of us. As alwasy – it was great to meet kind and generous people and be able to return the lost ring!


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