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Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Flip Magnolia Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Victoria contacted me asking for assistance in finding her lost engagement ring. She had taken her dog out along side their apartment building when a bee or bug startled her. She explained that she is highly allergic so it was natural to flick her hands and spin around to scare of the critter. In doing so her engagement ring shot off her finger and she recalls hearing the ring landing on what sounded like nearby leaves.

We learned the young couple obtained a metal detector but after laboring away in the yard they simply were unable to locate the ring. This lead to more searching when they found the online and gave me a call. Of course I agreed to perform a search for her lost engagement ring.

After arriving and hearing her recall her account of the incident first hand I was sure of one thing only that the ring did in fact leave her finger and was some place in the yard. With the amount of energy the ring could have been within inches of where she was standing to several feet away in any direction 365 degrees. So it made logical since for me to just divide the whole yard in to a huge grid search knowing if it were to be found eventually I would systematically get my metal detector coil over her ring. Watch the video to see the full details of the search. Pay close attention to where the ring was found and how close it was to having been a much more complex recovery.

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