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Lost Key Fob in the Snow in Millcreek, Utah- Found

I don’t see having to do another recovery in the snow this year as it is quickly heating up! One of my last recoveries in the snow was for a lost key fob that was lost while shoveling the driveway. After contacting the dealership, he was told that it would take 4-8 weeks to get a replacement. Replacing a key fob is expensive as you will need to program the key to the car and pay for a locksmith to come out. It can easily cost several hundred dollars depending on the type of car. In desperation, he reached out to me to see if I could help. I met up with him that night and started to go through the 4+ feet of snow that was piled up in the yard. I couldn’t get my detector to quiet down after trying all the tricks to get it stable. Ultimately, I had to turn down my sensitivity to a level I knew would not reach through all the snow.

After making a couple passes, I decided to shovel back the snow on to the drive way so I could get through all the snow. Returning to the pile, I quickly got a iffy signal and after checking it could see the edge of the key fob! Dylan was so excited to see it! Not having access to his vehicle for 4-8 weeks was just not something he wanted to do so I am very happy that I was able to locate and return the key fob! It was a workout moving that much snow but it was all worth it in the end!

Check out the full recovery video on my Youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWWcF1MLZ8s

Lost Diamond Gold Wedding Ring in Magna, UT- Found

I received a call from a gentleman who’s wife had lost her diamond gold wedding ring while working in the chicken coop. she was laying straw down for the chickens and ducks when she noticed it was missing. The ring was very sentimental cause the diamond in the ring was a gift from a family member. It took all of about 10 minutes to locate the ring that was camouflaged in the straw. They were so excited and couldn’t believe how fast I was able to find it! I am super happy it’s back where it belongs!

Check out the full recovery on my Youtube channel- https://youtu.be/t22Wd2DZNwM

Lost Gold Ring Found in Ogden, Utah

Last night after putting my kids to bed, I saw a text from Brad explaining that his wife was doing some work in the yard and lost her ring. I quickly gave Brad a call and after he explained what happened, decided to make the 1 hour drive up to Ogden to help. I arrived around 9:40pm, set up my grid and within two passes, found the missing gold ring. Carol Ann was so happy and shocked that I found it so quickly. Apparently, they had been searching for a few hours. One thing I love about returning lost items is getting to know the people that call me. Brad and Carol Ann have been together for over 40 years and it was a pleasure working with them to find her lost ring!

If you would like to witness the recovery in action, here is the YouTube link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP6-LY7t7K4

Lost iPhone in Sundance, Utah: Found

Rings aren’t the only precious lost items that can be found with a metal detector. I got a call from Matt this morning telling me about an iPhone that was lost in the snow in a driveway near Sundance Resort. I was able to meet Matt and some of his friends. We searched for about a half hour, and fortunately we were able to find the phone. Unfortunately, it had been mashed by a snow plow. 🙁 At least we know that the phone wasn’t stolen, and now the data and pictures on it can be recovered.

Wedding Ring Returned To Family Vacationing In Corona Del Mar

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


Saturday October 22, 2016

I received a phone call from someone named Dan who was visiting on vacation from Utah with his family. They were in south Corona Del Mar, and lost his titanium ring in the sand. After a long conversation, I found out the ring was lost far up on the sand, away from the water. It was higher up than the next oncoming high tide, so I knew it was safe and would still be there in the morning. The location was secluded. I spoke to him and asked him to mark the area with some smaller logs that were nearby. I went down to meet him Sunday morning at about 9:00 am and took about a five minute walk from the main beach. He showed me the area where he thought he lost it, and lo and behold, I heard a long RING, and the ring was in the first target that I dug. He was  amazed at the speediness of the recovery of the ring and was very grateful. He called his wife and kids right away to inform them of the good news, thanked me, and was on his way. I had a very gratifying ride home and the happiness of finding a ring made the ride home a lot shorter.

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