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Holiday Light Hang-Up! Lost Platinum Diamond Ring – Found, Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA.

I was contacted by a young lady who said she had lost her diamond ring while hanging up Christmas lights the day before. Her and her husband had searched for it but were unable to locate it. I hopped in car and went down to have a look. It was a rather small yard with a bit of a hill and some landscaping, while she was not 100% sure she lost it outside I was feeling rather good about finding it if she did. I had been out on two searches the day before and came up empty so I was hoping for a quick search and recovery. They did not have a lot of lights out so that made me feel even a bit more confident that I only had to check a small area. I quickly got to work and in no time at all I was through the search area and had found nothing. I stopped for a minute to make sure I had checked everywhere there was lights and to survey the area before starting my second sweep. Suddenly when I looked up at some of the lights with some greenery I noticed something small and shiny. There – right in front of me – caught up in the lights and greenery was the ring!! I rang the doorbell and told her that I had found the ring – no metal detector needed! She came out and could not believe where I had found it. It was great to be able to return her ring to her and she was very happy and grateful to have it back. As always, it is great to meet warm and generous people and even better was to have helped make the holidays a little brighter!

Lost Wedding Ring – Found in Peters Twp. near Pittsburgh!

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA. Lost your ring or other valuable jewelry, cell phone, keys? Metal Detecting Service. Call/Text 814-244-2300 as soon as possible for assistance. I received a call from David that he thought he lost his gold wedding band while working in the yard the day before. I arrived at the house and it was explained that the day before they were cleaning out the garden and there was a small spot in the backyard, a garbage can, and some fabric pots where the ring could most likely be located. I checked the yard area first with no luck. The next likely place was to be the garbage can so I dumped out the can full of tomatoes and plants…no luck! I cleaned up the yard and started to check the fabric pots. I got a faint sound, but enough to make me investigate further. Using my pinpointer I located the ring about halfway down in the pot. David was elated to have his ring back and I was all to happy to be able to have recovered it. As always – it was a great pleasure to meet kind and generous people like David and his wife, and the cherry on top was being able to return his ring!