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Lost gold chain and pendents in the sand! New Smyrna Beach, Florida!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I got a call from Spencer saying he lost a very sentimental gold chain with a gold cross and an actual Spanish coin from the sunken Atocha! Both the cross and the coin were gifts to Spencer from his folks and he cherished them very much. Normally he would not wear his chain at the beach but on this particular day the organization he volunteers with had a large group of young children at the beach and they were playing in the sand and shallow water only. As the afternoon wore on Spencer was getting hot and decided to take off his shirt and as he pulled his shirt over his head his chain caught and came off along with his shirt. Spencer was standing on the wet sand and as his chain landed on the sand a rather large rouge wave washed over his feet and his chain instantly disappeared! Spencer was stunned and immediately dropped to his knees and tried to find his chain running his fingers back and forth through the sand hoping desperately to find his treasured possession! He spent that whole afternoon walking back and forth combing the whole area and all he had to show for his efforts was a bad sunburn!

Later that evening a friend on Facebook suggested he call one of the Ring Finders in the area and Mr Moye Howard suggested my name because I was the closest to that particular area. At first Spencer was discouraged about even asking me to come out and look because a family member was sure that the rough waves and surf had washed the chain way out into deeper water and it would be impossible to actually find. I tried to reassure Spencer that because his chain, cross and coin were gold and that gold is super heavy it would very likely still be buried in the sand close to where he dropped it.

My wife and I met Spencer the next morning early as the tide was going out and Spencer showed me exactly where he was standing the moment he dropped his chain. It was very high up on the beach and I set out my flags and began my methodical grid search across the sand. I explained to Spencer that I would be digging any and all signals just to be sure and my very first target was a large washer. Five minutes later I dug an aluminum pull tab and on the third signal I dug carefully and about 4 inches down I spotted a glimmer of gold and sure enough….right where Spencer had said he was standing….was his beautiful chain with the cross and the coin buried at least six inches further down in the sand! (Rough waves and soft sand equals deep targets!) Spencer was speechless and overcome with emotion and it was a moment of pure joy and relief that I will never forget. I thank God for the opportunity to be a blessing to young Spencer and his family and this is my hope and prayer for all who ask for my help!

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