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Lost Ring found in Creek on 7/14/2023

  • from Mishawaka (Indiana, United States)

Ring found 3 inches deep in creek rocks.

The phone rang today (07/14/2023) as I was getting the dogs back in the house for a walk, at a time when I, of course, was unable to answer it. Thankfully Joe left a voicemail and I was able to call him back a few minutes later.

A few hours later found myself in a creek to an area we had kayaked, and with my CTX 3030 pulling a dazzling ring out of a pile of glistening wet rocks from my Xtreme scoop, asking one of the best questions in the world, “Is this it?”, only to see that smile that was all the answer I needed.

Happy to have found this ring for Joe and his significant other and hope to help many more people in the future!

Happy Ring Findee!

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)


Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

I received an email from a lady that lost her diamond ring in a wooded patch adjacent to her back yard. After talking to her, she informed me that her fiance threw the ring in the high weeds with a creek going though it. This happened after an argument.

We made a time that we can all be at the house so I could search for the ring and also her fiance could throw my test rings. I searched part of the backyard where he threw the test rings past the fence, in the tall grass and trees. I did the search for about three hours until it got dark. Unfortunately no ring. We set up another time to come back out and search the area again. The second time I found the ring within 15 minutes. The ring was just further in the woods but close to the creek. I am glad that I was able to return the ring to her and that her fiance did not have to buy another diamond engagement ring.