Experience Counts

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call from Lake Country BC, a one hour drive away, the gentleman told me he had lost his 18k yellow gold and ruby ring that his wife presented to him years ago. He hosted his sons wedding in his back yard around the pool, and lower patio area last Fall, he lost the ring removing lighting from around the pool. He had photographs from the patio showing that he had the ring before the lights removal, he suspected it was in the Basalt rocks around the patio, below where the lighting was, he thought it probably came off during the removal. His search had no results, I told him would respond the first good weather day. Yesterday was that day, I spent almost 2 hours gridding the area, and advised him the I was convinced that it was not there,  he responded that I was probably his last resort. I told him stories of past recoveries where the lost item often turned up the trash bags where leaves etc had been placed, and suggested he take down his packing boxes where he stored the lights and search them, he agreed and said that was also his plan. That evening he called to say he had found the ring, and thanked me for my time and travel, and that I was his inspiration to take down the boxes and search them,  his last hope was the boxes.


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