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Lost and found gold wedding ring in Brighton Ontario

Tom and Stefanie were visiting friends at cottage on Lake Ontario near Brighton for the past few days. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving last Friday, Tom lost his gold wedding ring while tossing a ball in the water. After spending numerous hours looking for the ring with their friends, they had pretty much given up hopes of ever seeing the ring again. With a bit of searching online, they found me on the ring finders website and asked me if I could come out and look for the ring even though they had already left for home. Fortunately, the owner of the cottage, Kevin, was still there and graciously allowed me access to search for the missing ring. My biggest concern with this search was that the ring was lost five days ago and we had substantial winds/waves the past few days. This makes sandbars move quite a bit and can easily bury an item so deep that a metal detector may not pick up the signal. Well, Tom is a lucky man. After 4 1/2 hours of searching, I picked up a faint signal, about 10 inches deep, which ended up being his beautiful ring. Another happy ending.

Lost wedding ring recovered at Inverness Beach, Cape Breton

  • from Whycocomagh (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Less than two weeks after I became a member of, I was able to make my first recovery at Inverness Beach today. Lost for over 24 hours in the sands, I was 37 minutes into the search when a loud signal chirped through the headphones. Two scoops later and I knew I had what I was looking for, a mens Tungsten Carbide wedding band. I quickly took a pic and sent it off to the anxious couple, who thought it surely was lost forever. Within minutes came the reply “oh that’s it! I can’t believe you found it!!”

Both Katie and Daniel were elated at the recovery. I later presented the ring to Daniels’ dad, who lived closer to me than the happy couple. Soon I should have a picture of a very happy pair with broad smiles. I will share the photo on the blog in the future.

.I was so pleased to be able to recover this ring. What a confidence boost it was to be able to locate it, given the time delay in searching, and how busy that particular beach was. Being able to make such recoveries, thanks to, adds such a delight to the hobby of metal detecting.

Lost Ring Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring? Don’t wait to call! 215-850-0188

I received a text message from Sydney asking for help. She lost her custom made Penn State University Graduation Ring. The ring was lost in the ocean while tossing a football it slipped off her finger. The search started at the waters edge and up the beach to the tide line. Where the ring was found.

Gold and palladium wedding ring lost and found in Prince Edward County Ontario

Received a text message from Heather and Steve about him loosing his Gold and Palladium wedding band at Cherry Beach resort in Prince Edward County. Unfortunately, neither of them could be on site to meet me but through the magic of Google Earth and a detailed phone call, I was able to locate the ring for them and leave it with thrusted friends for when they made it back to the cottage. Another search that ends well.

Wedding Band lost and found at Lakeshore beach, Sandbanks Ontario

Received a text message from Steve late last Wednesday evening about him loosing his white and yellow gold wedding band at Lakeshore beach in Sandbanks while on vacation. He wasn’t quite sure if he had lost the ring on the beach or while tossing a football with his friends in about 2 1/2 feet of water. After a quick preliminary check around the picnic table they were at, it was time to change into water gear and grab my other metal detector and head into the water as it was nearly dark outside. 20 minutes later or so, found his ring and proceeded to walk back to the picnic table where Steve was anxiously waiting. I mentioned to him that I was tired, as I had spent over 4 hours in the water, searching for another ring prior to arriving for his search but reassured him that I should be able to easily find it for him in the morning. I asked him again what his ring looked like and he mentioned, while looking at my ring, that they were very similar. As he said that, I pulled out his ring, placed it next to mine and said that they do look very similar. His surprise and shock that we were able to find his ring, especially this late in the evening and wavy conditions, was priceless. Another happy recovery.

Lost and found gold Wedding band at Lakeshore Beach Sandbanks Ontario

While out water detecting at North beach Provincial park, I received a call from Marian, saying how her husband, Remon, had just lost his gold wedding band while about 4 feet deep and tossing a football around with his kids. They were down on vacation from Quebec and headed back home tomorrow. So I quickly packed up and headed over to Sandbanks to meet up with them. After quick intro, I asked Remon to come in the water with me and stand where he thought he lost his ring. After a few minutes, as I was gridding the area with my water metal detector, his family signalled him from shore, telling him that he should move more to his left, just as I was getting a strong signal with my detector. Using my water scoop, I scooped up the target and there was his ring in the basket. I looked at him and told that we shouldn’t move, as he had put us 3 feet away from where he had dropped it, and proceeded to showed him the ring in the scoop. He was very excited but not as happy as Marian was when we reached the shore and he showed her his beautiful wedding ring. Another happy ending.


Lost Ring Found in Wakefield, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Lucinda called me for help with finding her ring, a family heirloom.  The beautiful diamond ring was a gift from her mom, who received the ring as a gift from her grandfather when she turned sixteen.  Lucinda was very upset that she had lost the ring while weeding her garden.  She and her husband looked for the ring and even bought a metal detector, without any success.  That’s when they searched the internet for help and found TheRingFinders website. I searched the yard, garden, and pile of brush but didn’t locate the ring.  Behind the pile of brush, there were bushes.  After searching under the bushes, I decided to shake them.  That’s when I saw something fall and discovered that it was the ring.  Lucinda and her husband couldn’t believe it.  She hugged me.  They were so thankful that I could help return this precious item to them!

Lost Engagement Ring Found in Coventry, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call for help from Jessika, who had lost her engagement ring while doing yard work.  Jessika told me that she and her fiance Kevin tried to find the ring, but after two days they still hadn’t found it.  They even  bought a metal detector and still had no luck finding the ring . That’s when they decided to search the internet for help.  They found TheRingFinders  website and decided to call me.  Kevin showed me the areas where they thought it could be, and I started my search.  In about twenty minutes, I found the ring.  As you can see, Kevin was very happy the ring was found  and couldn’t wait to tell Jessika, who was at work.  When he called her, I could hear her excitement.  She couldn’t believe that I found her ring .

Wedding ring found at Buffler’s beach Ontario

Met Pam over Facebook yesterday due to her having lost her wedding ring while at Buffler’s beach near Pickering Ontario. While tossing a ball back and forth with her husband, while in the water, her ring fell off her finger and sank straight for the bottom. With water visibility being extremely poor, they weren’t able to locate the ring. Unfortunately, Pam and her husband had to work today and could not accompany me to the beach. However, with the help of Google Earth and a couple of video calls while at the beach, I was able to narrow down the search area and after a couple hours, found her beautiful ring. I was a bit worried, due to other metal detectorists, since the ring went missing on Saturday, and had been in the water for a couple days. Pam and her husband were extremely happy and so was I to reunite them with her wedding ring.

Wedding gold band recovered at end of dock

Received a call from Clint this morning about how he lost his gold wedding band in Verona area (North of Kingston). He explained that while climbing down a metal ladder at the end of his dock, his wedding band got caught on a steel bolt, nearly taking the skin off his finger. This is when the ring got ripped off his finger and fell into the lake.

Having Google mapped the location, I grabbed my trusted Excalibur II water metal detector, and all of my Scuba gear and headed his way. within a couple hours I met with Clint, discussed and assessed the situation and dove to find his ring. Being in only about 8’ of water, the bottom was your typical mix of silt and sand, with zero visibility once you start stirring the bottom up. However, after having a few false hits due to metal chains holding the dock in place, I heard that unmistakable sweet gold tone and was able to narrow my search using my Garrett pin pointer. From there, you just go by feel, until you feel the gold band between your fingers.

Needless to say, Clint was extremely happy and surprised that I was able to find it for him. Glad I was able to reunite him with his wedding band. Another happy camper.