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Lost Key Fob in the Snow in Millcreek, Utah- Found

I don’t see having to do another recovery in the snow this year as it is quickly heating up! One of my last recoveries in the snow was for a lost key fob that was lost while shoveling the driveway. After contacting the dealership, he was told that it would take 4-8 weeks to get a replacement. Replacing a key fob is expensive as you will need to program the key to the car and pay for a locksmith to come out. It can easily cost several hundred dollars depending on the type of car. In desperation, he reached out to me to see if I could help. I met up with him that night and started to go through the 4+ feet of snow that was piled up in the yard. I couldn’t get my detector to quiet down after trying all the tricks to get it stable. Ultimately, I had to turn down my sensitivity to a level I knew would not reach through all the snow.

After making a couple passes, I decided to shovel back the snow on to the drive way so I could get through all the snow. Returning to the pile, I quickly got a iffy signal and after checking it could see the edge of the key fob! Dylan was so excited to see it! Not having access to his vehicle for 4-8 weeks was just not something he wanted to do so I am very happy that I was able to locate and return the key fob! It was a workout moving that much snow but it was all worth it in the end!

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Buried Key Found and Returned, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Rommel called me yesterday afternoon asking if I could help him find his key he buried in a park by a tree unfortunately he forgot which tree it was, For a minute I thought it was a joke but after asking  few questions why/where/when,  asked him why he had buried the key there and not at home and why was it important to have the key back he told me he was driving home from work one evening and thought the park would be safe place, also he made a box and had sentimental value and did not want to damage the box, I determined he was sincere and agreed to meet him at the park. Arrived at the park and meet Rommel he showed me the location and where he had been searching around the trees I must have checked about 15 trees and shrubs, As always asking more question.

After searching for 2 hrs and switching from AT-Pro to V3i with 4×6 coil received a good signal and there buried in about 6 inches of mulch was his key another happy client thank you Rommel for trusting me to find your key.