Found, Wedding Band in the water near Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

The shorebreak was still pounding on the beach this past weekend. Brett was playing in the surf when his ring slipped off his finger and disappeared in the foamy surf in about knee deep water. There was a strong down the beach current from the surf and Brett was afraid his ring got caught in the current. It was a big heavy ring with lots of area for the water to push on. He and his friends searched for quite some time with no success. Brett lived out of town and had go home but called me the next day and I said I would do my best to help. I started a search a few hours later based on Brett’s best recollection only to discover that the beach had change shape which is common on Pensacola Beach. The landmarks he relied on no longer existed. There were lots of people on beach the day before and once I got started searching four different people told me about the ring being lost and where it was lost, with each location being different in a 300 foot area! I called Brett and explained we needed to do a bit of detective work to locate the area to search. Fortunately he is very good at estimating distances. Based on structures off the beach, calculating the tide and waiting for the tide to reach the same depth as the time the ring was lost, I started the search again. Within about 45 minutes I got a good repeatable signal. Brett’s ring Apparently sank rapidly in the soft sand that was being agitated by the surf and soon was about 8 or 10 inch deep. After three scoops his ring was recovered. I immediately took a picture of the ring and sent it to him. It was a beautiful ring and Brett’s smile says it all. I was happy I could make his day.

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