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Orange Beach, AL – Lost Ring in the surf – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I really hope Lisa and her husband take the time to tell their story when they read this because this is one of those occasions where there was some serious skepticism going on. 😁 I don’t blame them a bit, it takes a serious leap of faith to call someone and explain where your wedding rings are and not worry. Luckily, they decided to trust me and gave me a call. Lisa had been boogie boarding the day before and when she came in all the way to shore a wave crashed over her and took her wedding ring with it. When I got there the next day it was noticeably rougher and we were worried that the ring had been pulled out to sea or buried so deep it would be hard to find. Nevertheless I started searching the area that Lisa pointed out to me. I spent a few hours searching back and forth doing my best to hold steady in the current until I was starting to worry. About that time a sweet little red headed young lady on the beach yelled out, “excuse me sir, are you looking for my Mommy’s ring?”  I asked her if her Mom was Lisa and she said yes. She went on to say that she thought the ring was down the beach a bit. I asked her if she was sure because her Mom had pointed out this area. With the confidence of a child she walked me down the beach a little farther and said she was sure it was in here. After only two passes I heard a gold tone and I was quickly on my way to tell Lisa that she owed her daughter a new toy or present. 😃 I was so happy to find this ring and it made it even better to show the whole family that they could trust their new friend in Orange Beach if they ever needed me again. 👍

Lost Ring Orange Beach, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

The first ring recovery of the year is always special but this one was awesome for multiple reasons!  Not only did I get to put a wedding band back on someone’s hand where it belongs but I also got to take a picture without worrying about a mask in over a year. This first call of the season happened to be the exact day that I could consider myself vaccinated from COVID after getting my second shot 2 weeks earlier. Yesterday evening, my new friend Mary called and said that she and her husband had come down from Birmingham with the family to enjoy Spring Break. Her husband had been playing beach volleyball the afternoon before when he noticed his Wedding band was no longer on his hand. He wasn’t 100% sure that it had come off then but after having it on for 14 years he was pretty sure he felt it go flying in the sand. They quickly realized that a metal detector was a good idea and they went and purchased one. Unfortunately, they ran into the two problems that often occur with this solution. #1)- the detectors designed to be used on our saltwater beaches are very expensive and unfortunately the cheaper ones can be almost useless. #2)- when the machine starts beeping a lot, without years of practice it can be hard to decipher what you are listening to. They then proceeded to plan B where they dug in the sand for hours hoping to find it. This also usually ends up being a bad idea because that will actually just make the ring drop deeper into the sand and harder to find. Luckily a friend suggested me and Mary gave me a call. After talking for a bit, my wife and I headed that way and made it to Orange Beach before the sun set. It made for some great, happy pictures when less than 10 minutes later I was able to gently scoop up her husbands wedding band and return it to her. Mary FaceTime’d her husband and we all celebrated. I am so very glad that they reached out to me and I’m so glad that I was able to start out the 2021 ring return season with a huge smile. Thank you Mary for trusting me to find your husband’s ring.