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Lost Wedding Ring in the Gulf, Orange Beach-FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Doug and Kristen have been married for 27 years. They have raised a family together and been through good times and bad. One of the tough times is watching Doug battle cancer. Thank goodness he is currently stable and they were able to get away to Orange Beach for a vacation. One constant these 27 years has been Doug’s gold wedding band on his hand. That is until this week when he was throwing football with his son in the Gulf of Mexico and it went flying. They tried searching all around for the rest of the day and they even used a mask and snorkel since they knew roughly where it had landed. Unfortunately the ring had already buried deep in the sand and they were unable to find it. The next morning Kristen went online and luckily was able to find me through the Ringfinders and a referral or two from some very thoughtful people. Doug called and after just a few minutes I knew we had to find that ring!  I made plans to come that afternoon since I already had work scheduled for the day but I assured them that the ring would still be there when I got there. When I got to their condo I spoke with the ladies in the front office and they were kind enough to give me a parking pass. I grabbed my gear and headed down to the beach and met Doug and Kristen and their family. Doug immediately walked me out in the water where he thought he had been standing the day before. It was just less than waist deep and he explained how the ring had come off when he went for a football. I asked him if it went deeper or shallower and as he re-enacted the scene I got him to point exactly where he thought it might be. Doug wished me luck as he walked back to his family to sit and watch and I turned on my machine and got the settings tweaked for the saltwater. I started my search and took one swing to the right, one swing to the left and a small step forward. As I was swinging the coil back to the right I immediately heard a beautiful gold tone. I took a really deep scoop since I didn’t want to nick it. They had searched for over a day and it was already about 5” deep. On the first try I looked in the scoop and there was the ring that had been with Doug through so many memories. I indicated that I had it and started walking in. Nobody really reacted and Kristen told me later that they thought I was joking that I had found it so quickly. 😃 When reality hit they all got so excited and justifiably a little shaken up. I’m so glad that I could be part of the continuation of your story. Doug and Kristen, I wish you health and happiness for many, many more years. God Bless!