Lost Ring Found…. AGAIN!!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

My first ring recovery of 2023 is also another kind of first. This is the first time I have been called on to find the same ring for a second time. A little over two years ago Brenda and Henry called me to come out and find Henry’s 1968 University of Alabama class ring that had come off while putting out pine straw at their home in Gulf Shores. Henry had saved my number in his Rolodex so when it happened again in the exact same scenario, he knew who to call. Henry and I were talking to each other and he looked on as I set my machine to the area he was pretty sure that it had come off in. The first tone I got I explained was an iron tone and told him that I was pretty sure I remembered his ring was a 12-36 on my machine. Not thirty seconds later I got a strong 12-32. As I reached down and uncovered his ring, I told him that I wasn’t far off on the number and I would take it after 2 years. 😃. Henry was ecstatic as I gave him his ring back. I told him to keep a close eye on his ring this time but if he lost it again just give me a call and I’d be right there for the next time. It was a pleasure seeing you again Henry, give Brenda my best!

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