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Lost wedding ring, Flagler Beach, Florida…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Tiger gave me a call after loosing his wedding ring in the sand at the beach. He could hardly believe that his ring just fell off of his finger so easy like! It all happened the day before as he and a friend were throwing the football just along the waters edge. As he went to catch the football, apparently the point of the ball hit him right on his ring finger and the impact knocked his ring right off into the sand. It all happened so fast that he did not see the exact direction his ring went flying, but he had the presence of mind to stop and take note of a few land marks. (That quick thinking would be a huge help to him in the end.) He searched the area as best as he could and even contemplated renting a metal detector but as he typed into Google…Flagler Beach metal detector rental…up came one of theringfinders stories about a recent successful lost ring search. So Tiger figured what better way to go, then to hire someone who has the equipment and experience to help him find his lost ring. Two hours later we met on the beach and Tiger showed me the small area where he was standing when he lost his wedding ring. I set out four corner flags and searched the small area anxiously awaiting that sweet, familiar signal. My first signal was a crusty penny and that got Tiger and his wife’s hearts racing! Nothing else showed up in the marked off area so I made a pass around the outside and there in the wet sand, with the water washing over my scoop, was Tiger’s lost ring. I quietly thanked God for helping me find their precious ring and could not help but smile to see the joy and happiness on their faces. Thanks Tiger for the generous reward and for giving me the opportunity to help you in your time of need. Lost your ring? Call, text or e-mail me ASAP!
Mike McInroe—proud to be a member of theringfinders.com