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Lost college class ring, Lake Mary, Florida……found and returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dave was spraying a mixture of cleaners on his two story home roof, hoping to kill some of the Florida mildew that was growing on his shingles. The pump sprayer he was using began to leak and his hand started to burn. The burning steadily got worse until he had to stop and he then noticed his fingers were actually beginning to bleed! So he tried shaking the liquid off of his hand and the motion caused his 2007 UCF class ring to go flying. Actually only three quarters of his ring went flying as his 14k gold ring had come apart in three pieces. Dave was able to see his ring, shining in the grass down below and after rinsing his hand he went to where he last saw his ring….but he could not find it anywhere. He tried raking the area hoping to bring it to the surface but still his ring remained hidden in the thick grass. Dave then went out and bought himself a small metal detector hoping that it would help locate his lost ring but still no luck. He then went on line and typed in “How to find a ring in the grass” and up popped and one of the search stories. So he gave me a call and we discussed his situation and I felt quite confident that I could help him find his lost ring. Later that evening I met Dave and he showed me the small grassy area where he dropped his class ring off of the roof. I set my metal detector to the coin and jewelry mode and right away there was obvious electrical interference that caused the detector to chatter constantly. By switching to the Prospecting Mode I was able to begin searching the most likely areas. And sure enough I soon got a nice solid, repeatable signal with low numbers and it pinpointed very shallow. Dave was so grateful to get his lost ring back and it was great to see the joy and relief as he firmly shook my hand. I thanked God for another successful search and as I said my goodbyes, I was happy to have helped another needy person. Lost something recently? Maybe I can help! Give me a call, text or e-mail and we can talk about your situation.
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