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Lost Rose Gold Wedding Band Richmond Beach Saltwater Park Shoreline WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Custom wedding set:

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Watch this video of how the Seattle Ring Hunter recovers lost chunky rose gold wedding band lost on a beach.

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September 2021 John was searching the internet for metal detector rentals and became concerned how successful he would be having not used one before. With a little more online searching he ran across a video from the TheRingFinders YouTube page where Chris Turner had recovered a diamond solitaire in the water. So, John decided to see what this was about. He went to and found my list for the local area. He sent a txt asking four some assistance in searching for his lost wedding band. The next morning we had a quick discussion and the search was set for later that day.

He informed me that he had take his watch and ring off so he would not get any tan lines. He tossed them into the side pocket of his beach chair that only had a velcro flap. After reading a book and pickup to leave he forgot to put his ring back on his finger. After walking down the beach about a hundred yards he realizes his ring was missing. He remembered there was a man with a metal detector earlier that day on the beach but he was no where to be found. After a quick visual search John left the beach thinking he would need to find a way to search for his lost wedding band.

Watch the video for the exciting conclusion of the lost rose gold wedding band that slipped out of his Tommy Bahama beach chair side pocket.

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