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Lost Keys/ Spruce Grove Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Kylie keys

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Received a call from Kylie at lunch time today, she had lost her truck keys in one of her client’s back yard. I meet up with Kylie at her client’s home @ 2:30 pm she showed me where in the back yard she thought they could have dropped out of her pocket, after about 10 minutes of searching in the snow with no luck, she then showed me another spot that they could be she told me that she was walking up the sidewalk and slipped on the ice but did not realize that the keys was missing until she got back to her truck and could not unlock the door, you could see where she had been looking in the snow for them after doing some detective work I realized the keys had to be in the middle of the front yard and bingo found the keys next to her foot print in about six inches of snow. Another Happy client thank you Kylie!