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Lost Diamond Earring found in Calgary

from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403- 467 2668

Got a call!  Tom’s wife lost a diamond earring when it got caught in a badminton net she was moving. They looked for it without luck. That’s when they called me. Stud earrings are small and hard to find with a standard coil. I swept the second area with my usual coil but found it wouldn’t pick it up. So I swap

ped to my sniper coil and started the search. It didn’t take too long. Key to the success was the fact they knew where and when it was lost.

Lost Sentimental Earring Lost In Cherry Hill NJ, Found By Dave Milsted the Metal Detecting Man

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719
















Received an email from Jonathan earlier in the week. He asked if I could help him learn the metal detector that he just bought. I asked what was going on. He said his wife lost a sentimental earring somewhere in their yard. He bought a detector and he tested it on the earring that she didn’t lose and it didn’t beep.

I asked what kind of earring it was. He said it was a stud earring. I told him that studs are one of the hardest things to find due to the small amount of metal. I told him that I could come out and look for him.

We decided on Saturday morning. He showed me the area that they believed it was in, it was rather large. I brought 2 machines, my Equinox 800 and my Tiger Shark. I tested on the earring that they had. Both machines registered. I searched with the Nox it came up as a 1 on the meter.

I started searching. There were a lot of targets. There was 1 area of tin foil slaw (an area of small pieces of tin foil the was probably run over with a lawn mower). That slaw came up as 1 on the Nox.

Just over an hour into the search I was at the swing set. I got a 1 on the Nox. Looked through the grass and saw the earring. The post was bent. I had placed the other earring in a plastic baggie so I would lose it and could place it on the ground to test it. I put the one I just found in it and started walking to my truck.

Jonathan came out of the house and said I guess you didn’t find it. I asked if there was anywhere else that she might have been. I asked if they went through her car? I said let me give you this one back. He started to put the bag in his pocket without looking at it.

I said I might have bent the post. so he looked at the bag. The look on his face when he saw 2 earrings in the bag was priceless. He might be trading in his metal detector for a better one.

Metal Detecting Yakima/Yakima County/Lost Earring/Snow

from Yakima (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-952-5382

Its hard to see the earring, but you cannot miss the big smile

Found in compact snow on the road

You just never know where your next hunt will come from. Sometimes it is someone you know.

It began with “ I lost my earring shoveling snow off of the driveway”, and I was hooked.

We met the next day on the lunch hour and surveyed the snow piles. She had no idea where the earring came off, but at least we knew the general area.

Along the first side of the driveway I had great signals, and found the sprinkler heads. Not what we were after. Next the other side of the drive the only hits I had was a trailer hitch.

Finally with the only area left to search I turned to the street in front of the driveway. This area looked like it had been scrapped already and the snow was packed down. On the first pass I had a good signal scraped the snow and ice off and there it was.

It was fun to see her snatch it up and clean it off and smile like she had been reunited with an old friend. To quote her “there not expensive but I like them” (insert big smile here). The reward on this hunt was the smile. It said it all.

If you need a hunt, call me as soon as possible. The sooner we can get to it, the better the odds of finding your lost treasure.

Steven Mack 509-952-5382

Metal Detecting for a lost Diamond Earring/White Rock/Cresent Beach/BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

Today I had a search for a lost diamond earring that was pulled off the ladies ear by her puppy… The lady and her husband took the puppy to the vet to have it ex-rayed to make sure the dog didn’t swallow it.

The ex-rays didn’t show that the puppy swallowed the earring so they searched the area of the garden that they believed it was lost in, but found nothing.

I have to say that earrings are very difficult to locate due to the fact that there is very little gold on the post that holds in the diamonds. That being said I love a challenge, and this earring was bigger then most so I knew I’d get a good signal. This search was closing in on 2 hours and the search area was small but a few plants and shrubs made it difficult.

I was ready to grid search the rest of the backyard because I didn’t find it where we thought it would be, but for some reason I went back to the spot that I’d been searching(with my hands in the shrubs) and this time I received a faint signal and as I started to move some lose dirt out popped the earring.

The earrings were a 10 year anniversary gift and as you can see in the picture above…It made her day that it was found!

I love my job!

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