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Estate and Property Search for Gold and Silver…Florida!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the opportunity to search for hidden treasure? To know that gold and silver were stashed somewhere and you were the one to be asked to look for and recover it? How do you begin a search like that? Where do you start? What tools and detectors will you use? How much do you charge for your service? And who will help you put it all together?

Since joining Chris Turner’s directory of TheRingFinders I have received a variety of calls asking me to help locate things like rings, keys, knives, pulleys, coins, necklaces, pendants, and most recently–Gold Bars!! I expect calls to look for the usual lost items but this call caught me by surprise. Right away I knew that I needed to call Chris Turner and ask him a ton of questions and figure out what my next steps should be. After talking to Chris and getting his advice I felt allot more confident that if the gold was there then I would have a much better chance of locating it.

56 pounds of silver dimes!

And so began my first Estate Search. The deceased had died suddenly and left evidence that he was prepared for whatever crisis that the government or economy would send his way. There were dozens of guns and ammunition and also documentation that he had purchased gold and silver. He lived a very secluded life and had his own water source and a large garden. And even though someone broke into the house three days after the man had passed away and rummaged through all his belongings we still felt there was a good chance we could find the gold if it was still there.

The first day we began our search in the house. We checked all the usual places people hide things and even places that would have made great hiding places but we found nothing. On day two we decided to look the outside of the house over including the yard and some of the sheds. That is when we stumbled onto an old rusty bucket of silver dimes! The bucket was so heavy that when we tried to pick up the bucket it came apart and literally thousands of dimes went spilling over the ground. You can just imagine our excitement and the rush we felt as we stood there and stared at that pile of silver dimes! I grabbed a five gallon paint bucket to put the coins in and at the end of the day, when we weighed the bucket, we had 56 pounds of silver dimes!

We started day three with renewed energy and hope of finding more caches and valuables as there was a lot more of the property to look over yet. We spent most of the day searching the sheds and garden areas thinking that there had to be more buried somewhere. After hours of searching outdoors it was getting really hot and we needed to stop for lunch and a much needed break. As we sat eating our lunch I got to thinking that the downstairs needed to be gone over one more time. (The upstairs apartment had been cleaned out by a cleaning service the estate had hired and all that was left downstairs was a lot of old paint cans, tools, lumber and the kind of junk that people normally have in their garages or basements.) After lunch we headed downstairs to give it the “fine tooth comb” going over! Not 10 minutes into our search we came across an old paint can that looked every bit the part of just an “old can of paint.” We pried the lid off and opened it up to find–there staring up at us were the tops of three money bags tied off and four rolls of what looked like silver dollar coins. Once again you can just imagine the feelings and emotions as we carefully pulled out the contents and laid it all out to count and take pictures! That “old can of paint” held over 600 silver half dollars–Walking Libertys, Benjamin Franklins and Kennedys, plus 85–1 Troy oz. silver rounds!!

All of a sudden those old paint cans had our full attention! Stash number three was located not 10 minutes later only this time there was a large bar of some kind in the bottom of another can and it was wrapped in paper. We thought, “Could these be the gold bars we were originally looking for?”

As we slowly pulled out the contents and laid them gently on the floor we were stunned to see 60 more 1–Troy oz. coins and a 100 oz. bar of .999 pure silver!! And even though it was not the gold bars we were hired to find, our hearts were still pounding like we found the mother load! And all this was found in the “junk” that was left behind by the cleaning crew!

That evening I called Chris Turner and as we discussed the exciting events of the day we realized that there was definitely more places that needed looking into. Chris said he would love to fly out and help us finish up the search and that was all I needed to hear. We invited Chris to “Come on down to sunny Florida” and the next day I picked him up at the airport!

We spent three more day trying to figure out just where the old gentleman hid his treasures. In our search we even found a book that was titled “How to Hide Anything”! We found old letters and photos that helped us put together a bit of his life and gave us some clues. It was neat to uncover key facts and details that helped us confirm the old gentleman had indeed bought gold and silver! In the end we were exhausted but very content in what all we were able to find. Like 90 pounds of silver and an experience that will last a lifetime!

Thanks again to Chris Turner and TheRingFinders for giving us the amazing opportunity to search for that which was hidden and stashed away. We may never know just where the gold really went. Did the person who broke into the house before the cleaners take it? Did the cleaners throw it out with the rest of the trash? Questions we may never have the answers to.

Mike McInroe, Proud member of TheRingFinders.com

Lost Diamond Engagement ring, Atlantic Beach, Florida…Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Labor Day I received a phone call from David in Jacksonville, Florida saying his fiance dropped her engagement ring in the ocean in ankle deep water as the tide was coming in! Their day was ruined and all they could think about was that the ring was gone and there was nothing they could do! David began thinking about renting or buying a metal detector and looking for the ring himself and while searching on line up popped The Ring Finders web site. As we talked about the details of how we could meet and when, it seemed that the sooner I could get there and begin looking the better the chances were of finding their lost ring.

So the next day my wonderful wife and I drove the 2 and a half hours to Atlantic Beach to meet David and his beautiful fiance Andrea. As the tide was coming in very quickly I searched a large area of wet sand with no luck. I knew that I needed to wait until the tide was out again to be able to look over the exact area where they figured they dropped the ring. So from 7 to 10:30 I waited for the tide to turn. We said our goodbyes to David and Andrea around 11 and I went back to the beach to chase the water out to low tide. For the next 3 hours I swung the Tiger Shark hoping and praying I would find the ring–but nothing. Around 2:00am I decided to take a short break and switch to the Whites DFX. I stepped off 50 paces and stuck a shovel in the sand to mark the area where David said he thought the ring had dropped. I began searching around the shovel and within 5 minutes I got a good signal and there 3 inches down was her engagement ring!

Even though it was very early morning and I knew David and Andrea were sound asleep, I had to call and wake them to give them the great news! This time Andrea was crying tears of joy! The next morning I presented Andrea with her ring and more tears of joy, huge smiles and hugs for all!

This is what it is all about! Reconnecting a precious item with it’s rightful owner so the story can continue. Thank you Andrea for your kind words and congratulations to you and David on your upcoming wedding and may your story of the “Lost and Found Ring” be remembered and told for years to come.

*To read Andrea’s personal story see Testimonials, News and Blogs!

Like Chris Turner says, I too really love my job!!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Mike McInroe–Proud Member of www.theringfinders.com

Lost Monster Diamond Ring, Fernandina Beach, Florida…Found

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Aug. 11th I received an e-mail from Cassi saying her husband lost his wedding ring while swimming at the beach and asking if I could possibly help them find it. She said it was not your ordinary ring and that it was actually 3 white gold rings put together with a total of 19 diamonds!!! You can just imagine how devastated they were when they spent a half hour in waist deep water frantically searching and not able to locate it. I called her back right away after reading her e-mail and tried to get more information on the exact area and how long it had been since they lost the ring. The soonest I could get to that beach would be the following Saturday. If they could put me in as close as possible an area then I felt there was some hope of finding the ring. There had been no storms along the coast and the surf had been fairly calm so with a heavy ring like that there was a good chance it was still roughly in the same area, I hoped!

So the following Saturday I drove 2 hours to Fernandina Beach and was met by Micha and Cassi and we started right away trying to figure out just where they were when the ring came off. I spent 5 hours griding and searching in and out of the water with no luck! Around 3pm Cassi said they would be heading back home to Georgia and gave me my gas $ and asked me how much longer I would continue looking. Because I had the whole day off and was waiting for low tide I decided to keep searching for a few more hours. We said our goodbyes. Two hours later while griding the wet sand area I got a good signal and out of the sand pops this massive set of rings with sparkling diamonds!! I could not get to my phone fast enough to call Micha and Cassi and as they answered the phone I said “You’re right Cassi, your husbands ring is huge!!” I had to hold the phone away from my ear for all the shouts and hollering! It was an awesome experience to be able to find this ring and to return it to its rightful owners and to see and hear the joy and happiness it brought them.

So their story continues and my adventures are just starting!  Thanks to Chris Turner and  “The Ring Finders” I have received phone calls and e-mails from folks near and far away asking if I can help them find their lost items.

I too really love my job!!

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