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lost gold necklace and ring Waimea bay North Shore

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


On Saturday March 10th 2018 I noticed on Craigslist a lost Gold necklace and ring which was LOST at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. I was previously there hobby hunting but in the water earlier that morning. So, I replied to the post and I got in touch with Jessica. Jessica was more than happy to give me the info needed so i could narrow the search area as it is 9:45 in the evening and visibly would be poor. I packed up the equipment and kissed the wife and kids good night. I arrived at Waimea bay and start the search. almost 2 hours into the search and after many coins and rubbish I FIND THE JEWELRY! I was so excited to text Jessica while standing on the shoreline for a meeting the very next day. She agreed and we met up in Salt lake Where I was able to return her precious items. This hunt was very spontaneous and yet Successful. Thank you Jessica for allowing me to reunite your MISPLACED ITEM… Happy to find it but excited its back in the rightful owners hands. Below is a clip of the journey!!!


Lost wedding ring Hanauma bay FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

On 2/13/2018 I receive an email from Matthew who contacted me through Ring Finders that he had lost his ring at the beach. He and his wife were on vacation in Hawaii for their anniversary.  On 2/12/2018 they were at Hanauma Bay snorkeling and enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. The scenery at the bay was beautiful and they positioned themselves right next to the shoreline. While getting ready to jump into the water Matthew took off his wedding ring and put it into his pants pocket. They went to  pick up snorkeling gear and headed back to their place in the sand. Once they returned Matthew removed his jeans and his keys fell out of his pants pocket. He then remembered that his ring was in the same pocket. He looked for it and it was gone. He searched the beach where the keys fell and he came up empty handed. The white gold 14k wedding ring that had and inscription inside which says ” I LOVE YOU MATTHEW 2/14/2014″ was gone.  Matthew and his wife got married on Valentine’s Day and now fast forward 4 years later they are in Hawaii enjoying the beach and sun and his wedding ring has disappeared into the sand. “It’s lost”  was his first thoughts.  The next day Matthew and his wife were at the airport and he decided to see if there is anyone would be able to find his ring. He reached out to me through Ring Finders and when I spoke with him I reassured him that I would make my way out early when the park opened and start to look for his ring. I started the search started at 6:10am and despite the rain and wind I was determined to find Matthews wedding ring. After a couple hours of searching and making grids I get the tone of GOLD. Surely after the initial sound I start to dig through the target. There in the bottom of the scoop is Matthews wedding ring. IT’S FOUND and I give a little THANK YOU GOD DANCE on the shoreline. The tourist walk by asked if I found anything good? I respond YES! I found Mathews ring. The tourists were so happy to hear the story as to why this Hawaiian is dancing in the rain on the shoreline. I called Mathew and let him know that his ring was found and will be in the mail soon. Matthew was very happy as he and his wife had just arrived home! Here is Matthew now with his ring.  Another precious ring found!



  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

On Monday January 8th I get a call from a worried yet hopeful Wife named Kate and she explains to me that her husband Ted was in the ocean at Ala Moana beach swimming around in 6 feet deep water when He lost his Damascus steel with 14K wedding ring. I advised Her to rest assure I will be on my way and to let Ted know that it will take me around 30 minutes. While I was packing up my gear and on the phone I started to gather as much information from Kate as i could so I would be able to narrow the beach search area. Once I got the info I  needed I let Kate know…Help is on the way.


Arrived to Ala Moana beach and met up with the couple. Ted marked out the place where he believes he lost it and I started the search. After a few minutes of searching the LOST ring FOUND its way back home! I asked ted ” is the ring stainless steel and White Gold?…Does it look like this?” And the moment they seen the ring I saw relief all over their faces. Ted and Kate was very thankful and the comfort of hearing OH MY GOD…YOU FOUND IT! let me know that this is MORE THAN A RING to them…ITS A COMMITMENT OF EVERLASTING LOVE and for me to be apart of reuniting their ring WAS MY PLEASURE. Another happy family and it’s always good to hear GOOD NEWS!!! “Inside Scoops-Kate&Ted”. Well Congratulations and have a wonderful time enjoying the Ohana… Time flys so enjoy every moment!!! HAWAII RING FIND

Business Trip to Hawaii Before Christmas, LOST WEDDING RING, SAVED by the TONE! GOTT’UM

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


On November 28th 2017 Steve just flew into Hawaii on a business trip. While here on island he decided to head to the beach and take a swim. He noticed a few kids playing football in the water and decided to join them. After some time playing he looked down and realized, NO WEDDING RING. It fell off and he started to look everywhere. The kids that were playing also stopped and put on their swimming goggles to help find his platinum wedding ring. After hours of looking they came up short. Steve was contemplating as to how he would  tell his wife that while on a business trip in Hawaii “I lost my wedding ring”!  Well, thanks to a friend of mine on the beach who noticed the commotion, he went over to Steve and asked if everything is ok.  Steve said “NO, I LOST MY WEDDING RING AND DON’T KNOW WHERE IT IS IN THE WATER”. That’s when I got the phone call. I was able to confirm with Steve that I would help him find his wedding ring and would be there in 30 minutes. I packed up the gear and my family as we were on our way to pick up our Christmas tree that evening. I arrived to the beach and noticed Steve walking waist deep in the ocean and still frantically looking. As I got closer, he looked up to me and yelled “KAI”? I responded ” I’m Ready” and started to gear up as my wife and son played on the beach. It was later in the evening and the sun was setting. After 40 minutes I finally GOT THAT TONE! I looked up to Steve who’s eye was full of depression and a lost of hope and he says “Whats this in the scoop?” At that time I heard a loud “HE FOUND IT”! I got the biggest hugs of ALOHA. In the scoop was Steve’s Platinum wedding ring. My Family and I were excited to see his joy and gratitude all over his face. Steve was very grateful that he thanked me so many times and I had to return with IT’S MY PLEASURE… Thank you Steve for believing in me and we both will have a very Merry Christmas.