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Diamond Wedding Set lost underwater in Jacksonville, Little Talbot Island, FL. …Returned to grateful owner.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)




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I received a call late in the afternoon of July 4th from a lady who informed me she was in about 4 feet of water when a wave smashed into her. She exited the water and realized her wedding ring set was missing from her finger. She said she searched not only in the water but also about 100 yards away where she was sitting. She believed her ring was lost in the water but not 100% sure. She was at a beach called Little Talbot Island which was about 40 miles from me. I determined the best time to search was the next day. I searched for about 4 hours both in the water and on the beach with no luck.  I called her up and let her know that I did not find the ring but not to give up hope as there would be some tide changes in a few days.  I think she gave up faith after hearing I did not find her rings. I returned 2 days later and found her wedding set in the water about 12″-14″ buried under the sand.  When I sent her a picture of her wedding set she called me crying and could not believe they were found…

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Business Trip to Hawaii Before Christmas, LOST WEDDING RING, SAVED by the TONE! GOTT’UM

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


On November 28th 2017 Steve just flew into Hawaii on a business trip. While here on island he decided to head to the beach and take a swim. He noticed a few kids playing football in the water and decided to join them. After some time playing he looked down and realized, NO WEDDING RING. It fell off and he started to look everywhere. The kids that were playing also stopped and put on their swimming goggles to help find his platinum wedding ring. After hours of looking they came up short. Steve was contemplating as to how he would  tell his wife that while on a business trip in Hawaii “I lost my wedding ring”!  Well, thanks to a friend of mine on the beach who noticed the commotion, he went over to Steve and asked if everything is ok.  Steve said “NO, I LOST MY WEDDING RING AND DON’T KNOW WHERE IT IS IN THE WATER”. That’s when I got the phone call. I was able to confirm with Steve that I would help him find his wedding ring and would be there in 30 minutes. I packed up the gear and my family as we were on our way to pick up our Christmas tree that evening. I arrived to the beach and noticed Steve walking waist deep in the ocean and still frantically looking. As I got closer, he looked up to me and yelled “KAI”? I responded ” I’m Ready” and started to gear up as my wife and son played on the beach. It was later in the evening and the sun was setting. After 40 minutes I finally GOT THAT TONE! I looked up to Steve who’s eye was full of depression and a lost of hope and he says “Whats this in the scoop?” At that time I heard a loud “HE FOUND IT”! I got the biggest hugs of ALOHA. In the scoop was Steve’s Platinum wedding ring. My Family and I were excited to see his joy and gratitude all over his face. Steve was very grateful that he thanked me so many times and I had to return with IT’S MY PLEASURE… Thank you Steve for believing in me and we both will have a very Merry Christmas.


Lost Ring Pensacola Beach – FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This was a neat story.  A nice lady on the beach at the Portofino Condos in Pensacola Beach stopped me and said that she wished I had been there a couple of days earlier.  I asked her why and she proceeded to explain that BOTH of her sons had lost their wedding bands in the gulf within minutes of each other just a couple of days before.  I asked her if anyone had looked for them and she said no one had with a metal detector.  I explained about Ringfinders and told her what I did and told her that even though I really wished she had called me a few days earlier, there was still a chance I could find them.  Well, long story short I was able to find her son Jacob’s but not his brother Zach’s.  I spent hours looking for Zach’s and even came back two more days to look but unfortunately I was only able to find Jacob’s.  I had to mail it back to Memphis, TN but as you can see by the picture, Jacob was thrilled when he realized it was really his ring in the mail.  Zach had some closure and appreciated me looking and has promised to call immediately if he ever loses something valuable again.  Congrats Jacob on getting your ring back!