Lost wedding ring Hanauma bay FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

On 2/13/2018 I receive an email from Matthew who contacted me through Ring Finders that he had lost his ring at the beach. He and his wife were on vacation in Hawaii for their anniversary.  On 2/12/2018 they were at Hanauma Bay snorkeling and enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. The scenery at the bay was beautiful and they positioned themselves right next to the shoreline. While getting ready to jump into the water Matthew took off his wedding ring and put it into his pants pocket. They went to  pick up snorkeling gear and headed back to their place in the sand. Once they returned Matthew removed his jeans and his keys fell out of his pants pocket. He then remembered that his ring was in the same pocket. He looked for it and it was gone. He searched the beach where the keys fell and he came up empty handed. The white gold 14k wedding ring that had and inscription inside which says ” I LOVE YOU MATTHEW 2/14/2014″ was gone.  Matthew and his wife got married on Valentine’s Day and now fast forward 4 years later they are in Hawaii enjoying the beach and sun and his wedding ring has disappeared into the sand. “It’s lost”  was his first thoughts.  The next day Matthew and his wife were at the airport and he decided to see if there is anyone would be able to find his ring. He reached out to me through Ring Finders and when I spoke with him I reassured him that I would make my way out early when the park opened and start to look for his ring. I started the search started at 6:10am and despite the rain and wind I was determined to find Matthews wedding ring. After a couple hours of searching and making grids I get the tone of GOLD. Surely after the initial sound I start to dig through the target. There in the bottom of the scoop is Matthews wedding ring. IT’S FOUND and I give a little THANK YOU GOD DANCE on the shoreline. The tourist walk by asked if I found anything good? I respond YES! I found Mathews ring. The tourists were so happy to hear the story as to why this Hawaiian is dancing in the rain on the shoreline. I called Mathew and let him know that his ring was found and will be in the mail soon. Matthew was very happy as he and his wife had just arrived home! Here is Matthew now with his ring.  Another precious ring found!


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  1. Matthew says:

    Kai really helped me out here! Everything played or like he said. He certainly went above and beyond getting up so early and looking on such short notice. He even shipped it safely to get the ring home to me. I found this website on some random Google search and am thrilled such a thing exists. Thanks a million!

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