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Lost Ring Found in Snow Bank – Middleton, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


I got a call from Brian, who was referred to me from Jean, a woman I had helped out the previous year. She had lost her ring in her backyard while gardening. When she had heard that her friend Brian had lost his ring, she immediately told him to give me a call.   The day was January 6, 2014. The temperature was -17 degrees, with a -41 degree wind chill. Let’s just say it was cold. My son and daughter were home from school, due to the historically low wind chills. After I got off the phone with Brian, my wife said – “You’re not actually going to go look for it in this weather, are you”? Well, Brian was in Middleton, which is my home town, so it wasn’t much of a drive. She just shook her head. We brought our metal detector along, but it was simply too cold to do the hunt. We were able to get the story on how he lost his ring, as well as a general idea on the search area.

Earlier in the week, Brian was over at a neighbor’s house for dinner. Shortly afterwards, he became sick to his stomach and said he had to return home, which was about 4-5 houses away. Unfortunately, Brian did not make it home. He threw up shortly after leaving, stumbled and fell into a snow bank. He said the next thing he remembered is waking up in his own bed, but he had no idea how he got there. After he woke up, he asked where his wedding ring was – it was not on his finger. He figured someone had taken it off while helping him up to his bed. However, no one had removed the ring and no one knew where it was. He thought back to the night before and remembered that he was not wearing gloves when he walked over to his neighbor’s house. His best guess was that it had slipped off when he passed out in the snow bank.

The next day, Brian had attempted to shift through the snow himself looking for his ring, but had no luck. As a last resort, Brian like so many others, rented a metal detector with hopes of locating it. However, after hours of frustration he gave up. You see, using a metal detector isn’t overly difficult, but figuring out what all the beeps and tones mean is something that takes practice and a lot of patience. You wouldn’t believe all the metal junk that is buried in the ground.

Once the weather had warmed up a little (literally back up to 0 degrees – the winter in WI that year was one of the worst), my son and I returned to Brian’s neighborhood to begin our search. Brian had given us a general area to search. We could see the piles of snow that he had searched through already. After about an hour of searching, we had nothing.   It was cold, and we were about to call it quits when I told my son, “5 more minutes”. Well, it only took 2 and we had a strong signal. A couple scoops of snow and right there staring back at us was Brian’s shiny tungsten carbide wedding ring.

Carter and I got a quick picture with our find, and then handed it back to Brian. He still couldn’t believe that we found it, because he had search and searched on his own. He figured someone had picked it up and he would never see it again. Brian gave us a nice reward, which went toward two nice hot glasses of hot chocolate!


Brian S.


DSC00542_crop         snowbank

Tungsten Carbide Ring                                             Snow Bank

Lost Ring Found at Erin’s Snug Irish Pub, Madison WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


I typically look forward to getting calls from The Ring Finders directory for lost rings, lost keys, lost cell phones, you name it.  However, on this day I was a little hesitant to answer the phone.  You see, it was not just a typical WI winter day … it was -10 degrees below zero outside!  Brandon had lost his ring in the parking lot of Erin’s Snug Irish Pub and Restaurant in Madison, WI.   On the call, he explained that he was wiping the snow off his windshield wipers when he lost his ring.  He did not have any gloves on (what was he thinking!) and when he went to flick the snow off his hand … he ring flew off.  He knew right where it was, but after digging for awhile gave up.

Gold is extremely heavy, and when dropped into a snow bank, will drop pretty quickly to the bottom.  Even though Brandon saw the entry point, he could not find the lost ring in the 4 foot snow bank.  He searched on Google hoping to rent a metal detector the next day.  He entered a bunch of different phrases, “rent metal detector”, “metal detector rental” and “how to find my lost ring”.  Fortunately for him, he found The Ring Finders Page and my blog. http://theringfinders.com/blog/Dan.Roekle/.  He said he couldn’t believe such a service even existed, and there was a member right in Madison.  He couldn’t believe it.  He also couldn’t believe that I was willing to head out that same day … the same day that it was -10 degrees below zero!

I brought my son along on the hunt, and after bundling up, we headed out.  We hunted in 5 min increments, because it was that cold.  I am a pretty tough guy when it comes to cold weather, but with temps -10 below zero, you don’t want to mess around.  We kept our van running to warm up.  The problem with hunting in a parking lot in the winter, is that all the junk from the parking lot is picked up by the snow plows and dropped right on the curb.  This is of course right where Brandon lost his ring.

My son and I are usually not quick to give up, we don’t like to leave a lost ring that we know is within reach.  However, did I mention it was cold.  We agreed to do one more 5 min search.  Good thing we did, because we got a strong signal on the metal detector … and pulled out Brandon’s ring.  We didn’t even look at it closely as we both ran to the van to warm up.  Our first stop was McDonald’s for some hot chocolate, then to Brandon’s house to return the ring.  He gave us a very generous reward for our hard work and an extra bonus seeing it was so cold.  He could not have been more appreciative for our hard work and for finding his lost wedding ring.

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector, rent a Ring Finder!


Lost Ring After Iron Man Race Found – Cross Plains, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Gold Ring (20110913)_crop

I saw a posting on www.Craigslist.com Lost and Found section looking for help in locating a lost ring.  Brian had been spectating the Ironman race the past weekend. After the race, he found a wooded area off of the route to change into some shorts.  He then walked back to the race route, which ran directly past a rural house.  Brian picked a spot in front of a driveway and encouraged others still running the race.  Suddenly, Brian realized his ring was missing.  He retraced his steps back to the wooded area, searching for his ring along the way.  He did not have any luck.  He wasn’t sure if he lost it while changing in the woods, or while watching the race.  It was getting dark, so Brian grabbed a flashlight and continued hunting for his ring.  He searched for awhile longer, but did not find anything.  Brian was so mad at himself for losing his ring. To top it all off, he was from Illinois and had to return home the next day.  This is when Brian posted an ad on Craigslist hoping someone else had found it while watching the race.

I responded to the ad offering to help.  Robyn, Brian’s wife, replied back with a great image of a Google Map snapshot, including the area Brian was in circled in red.  She indicated the main area to search was the driveway.  My son and I made arrangements with the homeowner to stop out and search.  The grass was longer than usual, so I could see how it would be hard to find the ring if it was dropped.  After about 10 mins, all we had was $0.35 in change, a couple pop tops and a handful of other junk.  Then, right in the area Robyn said to focus on, we got a strong hit on the detector … it was Brian’s ring!  Someone must have stepped on it, possibly Brian while searching for it.   It was about 1 inch underground, but was easy to retrieve.  I then gave Brian a call to give him the good news, he was ecstatic.  You could just tell the relief in his voice when I was talking with him.

This was a special hunt for me, as this was our first wedding ring search and return … we’ve been hooked ever since


Brian and Robyn L.

RobynBrian        Gold Ring2 (20110913)