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Waterproof Metal Detector – Saves the Day

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

waterproof metal detector

Waterproof Metal Detector

I get a lot of calls from people who are thinking of renting a waterproof metal detector.  Unfortunately, most equipment rental places do not rent waterproof metal detectors. This is probably because they cost significantly more than a standard land metal detector, and people just don’t take care of equipment they rent.  I’ve heard many stories about people who rented a metal detector, only to find out hours later that it didn’t even work!  I suppose it would be even worse with a more advanced piece of equipment that needs to be, and remain, waterproof.  Maybe it’s also because most people looking to rent a metal detector are searching for lot markers for a fence or landscaping project. I personally do not do lot marker searches, as there is typically a neighbor dispute involved that I don’t want to get in the middle of. However, once the weather warms up – the calls from people looking for help with a waterproof metal detector start coming in.

Lost Ring in the Water

Good thing there is a directory like The Ring Finders, where professionals are willing and able to help out, both on land and in water.  I recently went out on a search, looking for a ring lost last year that I was not able to find.  While out with my waterproof metal detector, I was approached by a guy who had just lost his wedding band.  Talk about good timing, eh?  I joked with him that it was good thing I was there – he didn’t even have to tell his wife he lost it!  She was there with him, so he wasn’t quite so lucky!  Check out the full waterproof metal detector lost ring hunt story here.

The Ring Finders

Please continue to support the ring finders on this directory – it’s amazing how people remember these stories when they really need someone.  I get calls all the time where people tell me that they read a story online or saw something on TV about a ring finder.  Our hobby / service is so unique, people don’t forget it when they hear about it. Then months or years later, they hear a story of a friend or family member who loses a ring … and they can say, “Hey, I think I know a guy / gal who can help!”


Lost Ring in Lake Whitewater, WI – Found!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Lost Ring in Lake Whitewater

I woke up Monday, Labor Day, wondering if I’d get a lost ring call.  Being the official last day of summer, people are using out having a good time with friends and family.  I’ve done searches on Labor Day the past 3-4 years in a row, so odds were good.  People either find me here on www.TheRingFinders.com, or on my personal website looking to rent a metal detector. I checked my email and what do you know? I had an email from Matt looking for help finding his lost ring in Lake Whitewater, WI.

Lake Whitewater

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (UWW), so I was familiar with the area.  Prior to leaving, I asked Matt my typical list of questions. How did you lose it? How deep is the water? Did you feel or see the ring fall off?  I rarely get straightforward lost ring calls … but this one was about as perfect as they come.  Matt was moving big rocks in the water to help build up a wall on shore to prevent erosion.  While picking up one of the rocks, he felt his ring slip off.  He was close to shore, so he knew right where he was standing and marked the spot.

Gold Under the Rocks

When I arrived, there were about a dozen friends and family there for the weekend.  Everyone was intrigued by my equipment and how it worked.  I immediately ran into a problem, my traditional metal detector coil was too large to get in between the rocks. I was guessing that when Matt’s ring fell off, it probably was stuck in between some of the rocks. Luckily, I also had a small metal detector called a pinpointer along.  This allowed me to probe in between the rocks without having to move them all.  After only a couple of minutes, I got a nice buzz on the pinpointer.  I cleared away about a dozen rocks the size of my fist. Then, I felt the edge of the ring and knew I had struck gold!  The lost ring in Lake Whitewater had been found.

Four Diamonds

Take a look at the ring closely, and you’ll see 4 diamonds on the inside of the band.  Matt’s favorite number is 4 and his birthstone is a diamond.  He didn’t want diamonds on the outside of his wedding band, so his wife had them put on the inside as a special touch.  I’ve never seen a ring like this before, which adds to the joy of being able to find the lost ring in Lake Whitewater and return it to Matt.  This was my 84th lost ring found and returned with a metal detector!

Lost Ring in Punta Cana – Found!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

A couple of months back, I got a call from a guy who said he had lost a ring in Punta Cana. I get calls from all around the United States for lost rings, even though I’m in Wisconsin. Google picks up my lost ring blogs, newspaper articles or podcasts that I’ve been featured in over the years. Neil told me he had lost his platinum Cartier ring at the Now Onyx Resort in Punta Cana. Wow! I had stayed at the exact same resort with my family only months earlier.  What are the chances?

Lost Cartier Ring

Neil found a blog of mine about a lost ring at the beach in Punta Cana. I was there on vacation and doing what I call “hobby hunting”.  Most of the time I spend metal detecting is for other people’s ring back in Wisconsin.  When we go on vacation, I always pack my detector so I can get some time hunting in the water.  Would you believe I found a lost wedding ring in the ocean?  So, I posted a blog with a picture to try to locate the couple. The picture of this ring is to the left. I still am hopeful that I can locate M + V someday.

Neil found the blog post and called me at 6:00 pm. After hearing his story, I felt the need to help even though I was in WI.  Would you believe I had a contact of a local guy in Punta Cana?  Well through the power of Facebook, I sent him a message and he responded instantly.  Roland was in contact with Neil within a couple of hours and they set a plan to search the next day.

As you can see in the picture, Roland was successful and Neil was ecstatic!  For the full story written by Neil, check out the following link about his lost Cartier ring.

If you’ve lost your ring, even if there isn’t someone listed in the directory – don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, as the metal detecting community is very close and chances are someone knows someone who knows someone close to you!

Lost Ring in a Field – Found in WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

lost ring in a field

Metal Detector Rental

I recently was contacted by a couple who lost a ring in a field. Problem was that the field it was lost in was also used for target practice. The guy felt pretty confident that the ring was lost in the field. He never took the ring off and noticed right away after coming into the house that his ring was missing.  He figured it was lost forever.

He thought about searching for a metal detector rental shop to help find his lost ring, but someone suggested that he call “that ring guy”.  I was recently on the news for a lost ring I found alongside the road.  Well, it was a good thing he called, because, after 2 visits, 4-5 hours and close to 100 bullets dug … I found his lost ring in a field.  Don’t waste your time looking for a metal detector rental shop – instead, call a professional from The Ring Finders.


Metal Detector Rental – Side of Road Search – Found!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

metal detector rental

Metal Detector Rental

I’ve been on a lot of lost ring hunts over the years.  I’ve found 65 rings to date and probably not found another 65.  Every hunt is different, and I rarely say no to a search.  When I got a call recently to look for a ring along the side of the road … I couldn’t say no.  As many lost ring finders know, side of road searches are tough.  There is a ton of trash and it’s dangerous. This search was for a lost ring that was lost after a head on car accident.  Unfortunately, the driver was killed and his ring was never found.  After reading a story about another lost ring hunt I did in the paper, the woman called me to see if I could search for her late husband’s lost ring. Her family had thought about looking for a metal detector rental, but wisely called a professional instead.

metal detector rental

Ring Finder Madison

Even though the ring had been lost months earlier, it was still sitting just below the grass.  Can you spot it in the picture? Check out the full story below about why you shouldn’t look for a metal detector rental either and instead call a lost ring finder. Included in the story is also a link to the full video which ran on my local NBC station.  They such an amazing job telling the story of the couple and the lost ring and why it meant so much to her. It is moving, so make sure you have a tissue ready.

Metal Detector Rental – Road Side Ring Found!

Thank you and if you’ve lost your ring, please give me a call and I’ll do everything I can to help out. I can hunt on land and in the water for your lost ring.  All of my metal detectors are water proof and top of the line.

Lost Ring Verona, WI – Garden Find

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Check out this lost ring story about a co-worker of mine.  It took two trips, with one of them in the cold rain!  Lucky for him, he skipped the Google search for Rent Metal Detector Verona and just called me.  He has followed my other lost ring stories and metal detector searches over the years. We’ve actually joked about how often he loses his ring, and how it’d only be a matter of time before he called me.  Well last month he lost his ring and needed a metal detector to find it.

Lost Ring Verona, WI

Kyle was planting raspberries along a fence. He thinks it fell off when he removed his gloves to shake a neighbors hand. I thought we’d have trouble with the metal nails and posts in the fence, but it wasn’t too bad. I almost immediately got a nice good strong gold signal when searching along the fence.  However, all I found was 2 iron nails from when the fence was built. Experience told me that the signal still had to be there.  Gold and Iron are in two completely different ranges on my metal detector, so I kept searching the area.  Very next target was the ring we were looking for.  This was lost ring found and returned #52 for me.  Turns out 52 was Kyle’s high school football jersey number.  Crazy!

Here’s the full story, including testimony and additional pictures from Kyle.  http://www.lostandfoundring.com/rent-metal-detector-verona/

Have you lost your ring?  Looking to rent a metal detector in Madison, WI or surrounding area?  Look no further and give me a call.  My rates are very reasonable, often less than the cost to rent a metal detector on your own.  I have operated www.LostandFoundRing.com for the past 3 years.  I’d love to help you find your lost ring next!  Remember time is the #1 differentiating factor between a lost ring and a found ring.


Clark Howard Podcast – Lost and Found Ring

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Clark Howard Show – Empowerment Zone


What an honor it is to have been featured on the Clark Howard Empowerment Zone podcast.  I have been a long time listener to Clark Howard, starting while I was in college. Clark Howard is a consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show.  He also offers advice on his website, www.Clark.com.  His famous lines are “helping on ways to save more, spend less, avoid getting ripped off”.  So when I was asked to be a guest on a new podcast he was starting called “The Empowerment Zone”, I was humbled.  The description of  The Empowerment Zone is … “The Empowerment Zone features stories from people who are taking charge of their lives, empowering themselves and others, and hopefully …inspiring you.”

Lost and Found Ring

I had two of my past clients who jumped at the opportunity to tell their stories.  I love it when people tell the stories from their point of view – they add so much to the story.  As we all know, a ring is so much more than just a ring.  Both Laura and Jon explain in the podcast why their rings meant so much to them.

Check out the podcast below, and then check out www.LostandFoundRing.com for more of my stories and videos.



Lost Wedding Band in Lake Mendota – Madison, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


Robert lost his ring the day after they got married!  While on their honeymoon, Liz, the brides mother, jumped to action.  She searched online for ways to find a lost wedding ring, and discovered  our business website, www.LostandFoundRing.com.  She was surprised that there was a Ring Finding Service in town – it was almost too good to be true!  She called to make arrangements for us to come out and search for the ring.  It was lost in chest deep water off of a pier on Lake Mendota, Madison, WI.  She wanted to keep it a secret in the event we didn’t find it – the newlywed couple was devastated enough having lost the wedding band the day after their wedding, it would be worse if we searched with a metal detector and couldn’t find it.

ringLakeMendota2016RingWe arrived on Saturday afternoon with our metal detector and our new Stealth Metal Detecting Sand Scoop, which has been a welcome addition to our tool set.  The construction of the scoop is like none other I’ve used.  It also has reduced our retrieval time, as the target object is typically in the scoop on the first attempt.  Using our old scoop, it might take 2 to 4 attempts to retrieve the target item.  After setting up a physical grid in the water using PVC pipes, we began searching for the lost wedding band in Lake Mendota, a signature lake in Madison, WI.

After only 15 mins, I had Robert’s ring in the bottom of the Stealth.  Liz quickly called Robert and Heidi, the newlyweds to come over to their lake house.  The YouTube video below captures the moment we returned the ring to them – priceless.   The story was so good, the local NBC news station did a story on how the ring was lost and found.  The link to this story is also below.

NBC15 News Story by Morgan Wolfe: Husband Loses Ring Day After Wedding

Lost and Found Ring YouTube Video of the Ring Return: Newlywed Lost Ring Found with Metal Detector – Madison, WI


In the News – Pro Helps Briggsville Man Find Cherished Ring

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


Check out this newspaper article about a recent lost ring find.  This was a great hunt and proof that a ring is not always where you think it was lost.  We spent a good hour searching the inside of an animal pen looking for 45 year old wedding band lost while spreading a bale of hay.  After searching the area 2 to 3 times, multiple different ways for close to 2 hours – I asked where else Jim might have been the day he lost his wedding ring.  After 5 mins of looking in this different area, I spotted the ring.  I called Jim over and handed him my handheld metal detector and let him find it.  Check out the link below for the full story of this lost ring including video of the hunt – the expression on Jim’s face when he found his ring is priceless and the reason we do what we do.

Newspaper Article: “Pro helps Briggsville man find cherised 45-year-old wedding ring on his farm

Original Story: How to Find a Lost Ring – “Like Finding a Ring in a Haystack”



What’s Your Hobby – Madison Ring Finder

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Recently, I wrote a blog post for a local blog called Madison Mom’s Blog.  They were gracious enough to allow me to be a Guest Contributor.  The blog post covers how I got into Metal Detecting, becoming a Ring Finder and why I feel it’s so important to find a hobby to do with your kids.

Madison, WI Ring Finder – What’s Your Hobby?