Lost Titanium Wedding Band at English Bay Beach...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call the other night from a young man who was on his honeymoon from Cleveland Ohio.  He told me that he lost his titanium wedding band well paddle boarding at English Bay Beach, he knew the area where the ring came off because it was when he fell of the board.

We discussed the search and because it was going on a high tide there was nothing i could do until morning. The young man was able to tell me where the ring was lost because it marked off the area and had land marks for me to line up with.

I wanted to be on the beach by 7:30 but I couldn’t find parking because there was a huge marathon going on early in the morning , it took me over an hour to get near the beach where I could park.

After setting up my grid I began to search and only 20 minutes into the search I got a good signal and I looked into the sand scoop to see his titanium wedding band…















What a great feeling knowing that I get to call the young man and give him the good news. They were on their honeymoon and you can imagine how horrible that would feel to lose a ring that was the one your wife gave you…













I love my job!!! Lost something and need it found…Call me ASAP


Watch the video of the recovery here.


6 Replies to “Lost Titanium Wedding Band at English Bay Beach…Found”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Great find Chris. The husband put you in the right spot; oh how that helps!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes it sure helps when you are in the area…After talking to the young man on the phone I felt confident I’d find his ring.

  3. Mike Mc says:

    Love the videos and know you are in your element when searching and finding those rings! Great stuff!
    Mike McInroe

  4. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks Mike, I think all the ring finders are in their element when we are out there helping someone find their lost ring/smile…I love my job!!

    1. John Volek says:

      The Master at work…..

      John Volek

  5. Greg DeLong says:

    You made quick work of that recovery

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