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Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found and returned in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Gold Wedding Ring lost, Found, and Returned in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Nate was out scouting for a deer stand in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area (WMA) when his 4×4 lost its front bumper in a mud hole. While retrieving his bumper he lost his flip flop in the thick mud. Nate was able to get his flip flop back and proceeded to drive on when he realized that his wedding band was no longer on his finger. He went back and tried to find the ring but it just wasn’t to be.
A friend referred him to a detectorist who had helped him in the past. That didn’t work out so he posted to an online website for help. Member Paul Hill responded when he received the email alert and a time of 8am was established to meet at Nate’s house the next morning. Paul drove from St. Pete to Zephyrhills and then they both proceeded to the mud hole in Nate’s 4×4 truck which was about another 30 mins away.
When they reached the site, Paul broke out his ETrac and propointer and headed out to the area where Nate was standing to mark the spot. After about 10-12 minutes Paul worked the third target to the back of the coil and used the taped up propointer to find the gold.
Nate was relieved and very excited to get his ring back!
Thanks Paul for going the extra mile(s).

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service-Tampa Bay Area

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in the Tampa area  can help locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard. If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!”


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Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Scot  could not believe he had lost his second wedding band in the last five years.  He gave up on his first band lost in the waves at Clearwater Beach, put out some hard earned cash to buy another platinum band, and proceeded to hear it hit his driveway as he was shooting baskets in his front yard.  After an exhaustive search of the grass, raking out his garden of years of mulch and a week of monsoon-like rain, he stumbled upon the Ring Finders website.
A call to Mike Miller who relayed the situation to Mark Prue resulted in a visit to Scot’s house.  After searching the grassy area with no luck whatsoever, Mark made his way to the garden only to find it occupied by boxwood bushes.  Next to impossible to swing a detector amongst these plants, Mark decided to try his pinpointer.  At the third bush, the pointer alerted Mark to something metallic.  After some scratching and digging, out popped a heavy platinum wedding band!!
A look of complete relief crossed Scot’s face as Mark pulled the ring from the boxwood and returned it to Scot!!  Scot said that you sure have saved me some serious money!  The thought of having to purchase a third wedding band was too painful to face.  Another great ending for Scot and Ring Finders….. SRARC appreciates your dedication. Great recovery Mark!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wedding Ring Recovered At Clearwater Beach, Florida

My husband and I got married at Clearwater Beach, Florida in 2014 and came back to visit my old home for our one year anniversary. On a Thursday, we were hanging out on the beach and I decided to go down to take pictures by the water. I placed my ring inside a rose and scooted up closer to the shore to get a nicer view. When I moved up, the ring fell and at that point, I believe the water had come up. I looked around, but could not find it. A lady that was nearby also tried to help me, but we had no luck. I spent the next few hours searching and even came back the next day. I was hoping to find someone with a metal detector, but was unable to both days. I kept faith that somehow it would show up and someone would return it.  After returning back from our vacation, I thought about filing a Clearwater Police report for a missing item online, but first I began to search, “missing rings in Clearwater Beach, Fl”, and that’s when I found Ring Finders! I went to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club page and sent an email in hopes that someone could help. Stan immediately contacted me and got more information from me. I wasn’t sure if he would find it since it was almost a week later and Clearwater beach is a highly detected area. Stan went exactly a week after I lost it and I was beyond shocked when I looked at my phone and saw the picture of my missing ring in his hand! I was blown away and I am so grateful for Stan and his wife, Linda, for helping me get my lost treasure back. Miracles do happen and I thank all the volunteers at Suncoast Research and Recovery Club for all they do! A big thanks to Stan Flack and Howard Metts for bringing a smile to another couples faces.

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Wedding Ring Set Recovered on Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida

Right place at the right time for this recovery
SRARC member Paul Hill was detecting Pass a Grille Beach when he was told by some swimmers that a young lady had lost her wedding ring set.  Heading that way he saw about 6 swimmers with masks on trying to help her find her rings.  Paul listened to Britney explain that she thought she lost it while swimming in the general area.  Paul got right to work and searched the area around where everyone was.  With no luck, Paul asked Britney if she felt it come off or just realized it was gone? Thinking back she wasn’t positive but it might have come off as she dove into the water.  Paul then asked where her beach chair was located so he could deduce where she would have entered the water.  With things lined up another grid pattern was established.  Working the grid Paul made a few more passes and got close to the shore and heard a slight grunt in about 2 feet of water.  One scoop later the wedding band was found and the engagement ring was found within a foot of that.  Britney’s mom verified that those were it and called her daughter and fiancé that the rings had been found and they can cancel their trip to rent a metal detector.  Britney was so excited to get her rings back as their wedding is planned for the end of July.
SRARC sends best wishes to the bride and groom.

Paul Ring Paul

Beer Can Island, Tampa Bay Recovery

Alex, his wife Lindsay and their daughter Charlie were spending the day relaxing in their boat at Beer Can Island in Tampa Bay. Lindsay was catching some sunshine up on the sand and Alex and Charlie were standing knee deep in the water next to the boat. Alex decided to move his wedding ring from one finger to the next and to do it had smeared suntan lotion all over his knuckle. As he pressed against the ring it slipped up over the knuckle and flew off into the water.

He immediately called out for the sand sifter that Charlie had been using up on the beach. They dug and dug trying to find the ring but could not find it. After a while they decided that it was just gone. They jumped into the boat and headed across the bay toward home. On the way, Charlie (5 years old) was setting between her Mom and Dad. She looked up into her Dad’s eyes and sweetly said “Don’t worry Daddy, Mom and I well go to the jewelry store and get you a new one.” That just melted Daddy’s heart. When they got home Alex went about cleaning the boat and Lindsay and Charlie went into the house. Out of desperation Lindsay posted what had happened on the Beer Can Island Facebook support site. Soon she got a reply from someone we had recovered a ring for last winter. She told Lindsay to contact “these guys, they are great.”  Lindsay contacted us on our Facebook page and soon we were scheduled for a hunt.

Alex met Rick Magyar, Rick’s wife Judy, and Mike Miller at the boat ramp along with two of his Fireman co-workers. What a bunch of great guy’s. They ferried us out to the island, showed us where they thought the ring had dropped and we went to work. After about an hour, Mike found the ring. He turned around and gave Rick the “thumbs up” signal. Alex was right next to Rick and Rick decided to mess with him a little bit. Rick said loudly that he was giving up and that we would not be able to find the ring. Alex bought it hook, line, and sinker and his head dropped in disappointment. When he looked up he saw Mike doing a jig down the beach and instantly realized what was up. We all got a great laugh out of game and then I dropped the ring into his hand. The laughter turned into handshakes, hugs, and great big SMILES.

What a great day with great people

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Thrown Away Wedding Ring Returned in Tampa, Florida

Bridgett was sitting on her front porch talking to her husband on the phone. She was a bit upset that he left for work without his wedding band.  The emotions got the best of her and she ended up taking her ring off and throwing it into the front yard! She and her husband searched the entire yard and could not find the ring.

Lucky for her she went to the internet and looked up “how to find a ring in the grass”. SRARC’s Ring Finder number came up.  She made the call and a team was put together.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill arrived about 1 pm that very day.  After about 30 minutes or so Bridgett went inside to check on her two little ones and started to cry thinking that they would not be able to find it.  Shortly after she returned to the front porch Paul Hill asked her “if it looked like this?”  She was so excited and relieved. What fun it was for us to be able to return a smile to her face.




Lost Wedding Ring Brandon, Florida

Nick was working in the yard on Sunday helping his wife Stacey to create a garden patch in the corner of the backyard. His wedding ring was rubbing his finger raw while he was using the shovel so he removed it and put it in his pocket. After working all day he finished up in the early evening and reached into his pocket to give the ring to his wife to take into the house. He pulled out everything and even turned the pocket inside out, but no ring. They searched the whole area that Nick had worked and walked in but could not find it. They Goggled the internet and found TheRingFinders, then contacted the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club. Paul Hill and Elmer Stennes hunted for about 10 minutes and the ring showed up under Paul’s coil. As is evident in the picture Stacey was overjoyed to have the ring back.



Lost Wedding Ring recovered Lutz, Fl

When Mike Ruelf set his 22k gold wedding band down on his dock on Wednesday night, the story begins.  After hearing a plop, he realized his band was now at the bottom of the lake.  What to do…..what to do.  Surely his wife of eight months would understand……right???  He could call the jeweler and get another ring…….plead ignorance.  At least his wife was up in Virginia and not in the house.  A quick internet search for metal detectors for rental was commenced, but somehow the world wide web led Mike to the ring Finders web site.  Suncoast Resaerch and Recovery Club president Tom Jones took the call and immediately contacted Mark Prue in North Tampa.  Mark only lives about three miles from Mike and arranged to meet him Thursday afternoon.  After introductions, Mark donned his water gear and slogged his way beneath the dock.  Hampered by 8 to 10 inches of muck and weeds, up came a nail…another nail….a quarter…..a fourth nail…and finally…..BINGO!!  Mike let off an unrestrained “YYYEEEESSSSS” and high fives were shared all around.  Mike’s final words before Mark departed after a large helping of “thank-yous” was “I can’t believe there are people who actually do this!”   At least the story has a happy ending and Mike avoids the doghouse!

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Lost Ring in Land O’Lakes, FL

John was out feeding the ducks in the pond behind his apartment, as he did every day. On one of his tosses he felt his ring fly off his finger and heard it splash in the water. The ring was his fathers whom he had lost about 10 years ago. It was a beautiful gold ring with 5 diamonds it meant a great deal to John because his father had worn it for many years. He returned to his apartment and told his mother and wife that he had lost his father’s ring. Everyone was devastated, but Jeanne went to work on her computer searching for a solution. She soon found our Ringfinders site and contacted Tom. The location is close to where Mark Prue lives, so Tom dispatched Mark to the rescue. Mark spent some time on Sunday and believed he had located the ring, but he could not get down through the weeds and muck to retrieve it. He contacted Mike Miller that afternoon and they agreed to meet at the location to try again. Mark guided Mike to the location he thought the ring was and after fighting the weeds and muck for about 15 minutes, Mike got the target. After returning to shore and dumping the scoop of mud Mike reached down felt through the mud and sure enough it was the ring.Needless to say John and his family were overjoyed.


Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in the Grass, Odessa, FL

Trish was out walking her dog on a crisp February evening and stopped to brush out her dogs hair. As she was brushing she felt her diamond wedding ring fall off. She concentrated a search in the area where she knew it had dropped but the area was covered in thick monkey grass and she could not find it. She found us at the Ringfinders site and Mark Prue from our crew was dispatched and after a through search found the ring. The ring had been passed down through her family and held a lot of sentimental value. Trish was thrilled to have the ring recovered and Mark was happy to see the smile on her face when he returned it to her.

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