Wedding Ring Recovered At Clearwater Beach, Florida

My husband and I got married at Clearwater Beach, Florida in 2014 and came back to visit my old home for our one year anniversary. On a Thursday, we were hanging out on the beach and I decided to go down to take pictures by the water. I placed my ring inside a rose and scooted up closer to the shore to get a nicer view. When I moved up, the ring fell and at that point, I believe the water had come up. I looked around, but could not find it. A lady that was nearby also tried to help me, but we had no luck. I spent the next few hours searching and even came back the next day. I was hoping to find someone with a metal detector, but was unable to both days. I kept faith that somehow it would show up and someone would return it.  After returning back from our vacation, I thought about filing a Clearwater Police report for a missing item online, but first I began to search, “missing rings in Clearwater Beach, Fl”, and that’s when I found Ring Finders! I went to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club page and sent an email in hopes that someone could help. Stan immediately contacted me and got more information from me. I wasn’t sure if he would find it since it was almost a week later and Clearwater beach is a highly detected area. Stan went exactly a week after I lost it and I was beyond shocked when I looked at my phone and saw the picture of my missing ring in his hand! I was blown away and I am so grateful for Stan and his wife, Linda, for helping me get my lost treasure back. Miracles do happen and I thank all the volunteers at Suncoast Research and Recovery Club for all they do! A big thanks to Stan Flack and Howard Metts for bringing a smile to another couples faces.

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  1. Martha says:

    Thanks you again Stan and Howard! You have made me very happy and my husband is happy he doesn’t have to buy another one! 🙂 Lol
    We are forever grateful! God bless you all.

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