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Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Scot  could not believe he had lost his second wedding band in the last five years.  He gave up on his first band lost in the waves at Clearwater Beach, put out some hard earned cash to buy another platinum band, and proceeded to hear it hit his driveway as he was shooting baskets in his front yard.  After an exhaustive search of the grass, raking out his garden of years of mulch and a week of monsoon-like rain, he stumbled upon the Ring Finders website.
A call to Mike Miller who relayed the situation to Mark Prue resulted in a visit to Scot’s house.  After searching the grassy area with no luck whatsoever, Mark made his way to the garden only to find it occupied by boxwood bushes.  Next to impossible to swing a detector amongst these plants, Mark decided to try his pinpointer.  At the third bush, the pointer alerted Mark to something metallic.  After some scratching and digging, out popped a heavy platinum wedding band!!
A look of complete relief crossed Scot’s face as Mark pulled the ring from the boxwood and returned it to Scot!!  Scot said that you sure have saved me some serious money!  The thought of having to purchase a third wedding band was too painful to face.  Another great ending for Scot and Ring Finders….. SRARC appreciates your dedication. Great recovery Mark!!!!!!!!!!!

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