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Lost Wedding Ring Brandon, Florida

Nick was working in the yard on Sunday helping his wife Stacey to create a garden patch in the corner of the backyard. His wedding ring was rubbing his finger raw while he was using the shovel so he removed it and put it in his pocket. After working all day he finished up in the early evening and reached into his pocket to give the ring to his wife to take into the house. He pulled out everything and even turned the pocket inside out, but no ring. They searched the whole area that Nick had worked and walked in but could not find it. They Goggled the internet and found TheRingFinders, then contacted the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club. Paul Hill and Elmer Stennes hunted for about 10 minutes and the ring showed up under Paul’s coil. As is evident in the picture Stacey was overjoyed to have the ring back.