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Diamond Stud Earring Rescued from the Lawn in Parrish, Florida

“There is nothing like the original”
Quote by owner Mike
This recovery is a little more special to one SRARC member.
Cameron was going to do her husband Mike a favor and mow the lawn for him since he has been so busy and she was heading out of town for a “girls weekend”. When she was finished, she headed into the house and heard something hit the kitchen floor. She was horrified to see the back of her diamond earring but not the earring itself. She looked frantically but was unable to find it anywhere. Thinking back, she recalled her hat being knocked off by a low hanging oak limb while she was mowing the lawn. The search was on again. After a week, she asked Mike to call Paul Hill, a good friend from their High School days who she knew did metal detecting. Mike called and caught Paul at nearby Holmes Beach in Anna Maria with fellow SRARC member Mike Miller. The beach was getting too rough to detect so after swinging by Mike Miller’s house to get a couple of different detectors they headed over to Mike and Cameron’s to begin the search. Now earrings are one of the hardest things to find since there is very little metal surrounding the stone. Unfortunately, Cameron had just dropped off the matching earring at the jeweler’s to get a replacement appraisal. This means that Mike and Paul didn’t have one to calibrate their detectors to such a small target. The hunt went on for about an hour and a half when Mike casually said…”I got it”. Wait…What? Of course a little teasing was in order since neither Cameron nor Mike were nearby to hear the good news. Hugs and high fives were flowing freely as the reality of what just happened settled in. When it was all said and done, Cameron was shedding tears of joy! Screw backs are in her future! Paul was extremely relieved to be able to have a successful recovery for such a dear friend!
Mike Miller and his Gold Bug were the team of the day!

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Beer Can Island, Tampa Bay Recovery

Alex, his wife Lindsay and their daughter Charlie were spending the day relaxing in their boat at Beer Can Island in Tampa Bay. Lindsay was catching some sunshine up on the sand and Alex and Charlie were standing knee deep in the water next to the boat. Alex decided to move his wedding ring from one finger to the next and to do it had smeared suntan lotion all over his knuckle. As he pressed against the ring it slipped up over the knuckle and flew off into the water.

He immediately called out for the sand sifter that Charlie had been using up on the beach. They dug and dug trying to find the ring but could not find it. After a while they decided that it was just gone. They jumped into the boat and headed across the bay toward home. On the way, Charlie (5 years old) was setting between her Mom and Dad. She looked up into her Dad’s eyes and sweetly said “Don’t worry Daddy, Mom and I well go to the jewelry store and get you a new one.” That just melted Daddy’s heart. When they got home Alex went about cleaning the boat and Lindsay and Charlie went into the house. Out of desperation Lindsay posted what had happened on the Beer Can Island Facebook support site. Soon she got a reply from someone we had recovered a ring for last winter. She told Lindsay to contact “these guys, they are great.”  Lindsay contacted us on our Facebook page and soon we were scheduled for a hunt.

Alex met Rick Magyar, Rick’s wife Judy, and Mike Miller at the boat ramp along with two of his Fireman co-workers. What a bunch of great guy’s. They ferried us out to the island, showed us where they thought the ring had dropped and we went to work. After about an hour, Mike found the ring. He turned around and gave Rick the “thumbs up” signal. Alex was right next to Rick and Rick decided to mess with him a little bit. Rick said loudly that he was giving up and that we would not be able to find the ring. Alex bought it hook, line, and sinker and his head dropped in disappointment. When he looked up he saw Mike doing a jig down the beach and instantly realized what was up. We all got a great laugh out of game and then I dropped the ring into his hand. The laughter turned into handshakes, hugs, and great big SMILES.

What a great day with great people

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