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Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found and returned in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Gold Wedding Ring lost, Found, and Returned in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Nate was out scouting for a deer stand in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area (WMA) when his 4×4 lost its front bumper in a mud hole. While retrieving his bumper he lost his flip flop in the thick mud. Nate was able to get his flip flop back and proceeded to drive on when he realized that his wedding band was no longer on his finger. He went back and tried to find the ring but it just wasn’t to be.
A friend referred him to a detectorist who had helped him in the past. That didn’t work out so he posted to an online website for help. Member Paul Hill responded when he received the email alert and a time of 8am was established to meet at Nate’s house the next morning. Paul drove from St. Pete to Zephyrhills and then they both proceeded to the mud hole in Nate’s 4×4 truck which was about another 30 mins away.
When they reached the site, Paul broke out his ETrac and propointer and headed out to the area where Nate was standing to mark the spot. After about 10-12 minutes Paul worked the third target to the back of the coil and used the taped up propointer to find the gold.
Nate was relieved and very excited to get his ring back!
Thanks Paul for going the extra mile(s).

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