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Thrown Away Wedding Ring Returned in Tampa, Florida

Bridgett was sitting on her front porch talking to her husband on the phone. She was a bit upset that he left for work without his wedding band.  The emotions got the best of her and she ended up taking her ring off and throwing it into the front yard! She and her husband searched the entire yard and could not find the ring.

Lucky for her she went to the internet and looked up “how to find a ring in the grass”. SRARC’s Ring Finder number came up.  She made the call and a team was put together.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill arrived about 1 pm that very day.  After about 30 minutes or so Bridgett went inside to check on her two little ones and started to cry thinking that they would not be able to find it.  Shortly after she returned to the front porch Paul Hill asked her “if it looked like this?”  She was so excited and relieved. What fun it was for us to be able to return a smile to her face.




Lost Ring in Land O’Lakes, FL

John was out feeding the ducks in the pond behind his apartment, as he did every day. On one of his tosses he felt his ring fly off his finger and heard it splash in the water. The ring was his fathers whom he had lost about 10 years ago. It was a beautiful gold ring with 5 diamonds it meant a great deal to John because his father had worn it for many years. He returned to his apartment and told his mother and wife that he had lost his father’s ring. Everyone was devastated, but Jeanne went to work on her computer searching for a solution. She soon found our Ringfinders site and contacted Tom. The location is close to where Mark Prue lives, so Tom dispatched Mark to the rescue. Mark spent some time on Sunday and believed he had located the ring, but he could not get down through the weeds and muck to retrieve it. He contacted Mike Miller that afternoon and they agreed to meet at the location to try again. Mark guided Mike to the location he thought the ring was and after fighting the weeds and muck for about 15 minutes, Mike got the target. After returning to shore and dumping the scoop of mud Mike reached down felt through the mud and sure enough it was the ring.Needless to say John and his family were overjoyed.


Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in the Grass, Odessa, FL

Trish was out walking her dog on a crisp February evening and stopped to brush out her dogs hair. As she was brushing she felt her diamond wedding ring fall off. She concentrated a search in the area where she knew it had dropped but the area was covered in thick monkey grass and she could not find it. She found us at the Ringfinders site and Mark Prue from our crew was dispatched and after a through search found the ring. The ring had been passed down through her family and held a lot of sentimental value. Trish was thrilled to have the ring recovered and Mark was happy to see the smile on her face when he returned it to her.

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